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A case of Lichen Planus

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       Dr.T. Semparuthi is a leading practitioner, practices at the temple town Madurai Tamil Nadu, in the southern part of India. He had authoured many scientific articles and also presented scientific papers in seminars. He graduated from Fr. Mullers Homoeopathic Medical College and is now doing post graduation at Vinayaka missions Homoeopathy Medical College, Salem now.
         A 30 years male, a modern medical practitioner, consulted me for skin suffering since three months. The lesions started as tiny, vesicular, reddish eruptions with intense itching diagnosed as Lichen Planus and was advised steroid therapy. He preferred homoeopathy to avoid adverse effects. Itching < after removing socks and at night.
Additionally the patient suffered from respiratory complaints since ten years. He had suffered from both allergic Rhinitis and Bronchial Asthma
Sneezing++ < Morning+++ ,<Night while sleep
Alternating with cough and Wheezing
Running nose- watery thin coryza ++
Cough - dry - no expectoration
Wheezing < mid night,
Cold weather,
Dust, Summer,
During sleep,
Alcohol, sensitive3



Appetite : Normal ,
Bowel Habits :
Thirst - Large quantities 3-4 Lit per day,
Cravings : Cold Drinks
Perspiration: Profuse - Summer during
Thermal State : Hot patient
He lives alone in the city and his wife is far away to lookout her career.

He was given Lachesis 0/1, 0/2, 0/3 Over the period of three months dosage was water dose 10 drops once in 3 Days.This case is under my treatment since 1995 and gradually his skin complaints are better as shown in the series of photographs.The last one was taken
Lachesis was selected on the basis of discharges ameliorates, which was interpreted by complaints > after coryza, sneezing and also after coition, which was noted when his wife come home. Lachesis had relieved not only the skin complaints but also the asthma and allergic Rhinitis.
Please refer the photographs in the visual corner published at the back wrapper.