Constitutional Treatment- Clinical Utility


Dr. Sheetal Adayar
Dept.of Physiology and Bio chemistry
Fr.Mullers Homoeopathic Medical College
Deralakatte, Mangalore
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       Dr. Sheetal Adayar is academician and clinician serving in the Department of Physiology and Bio chemistry, Fr.Mullers Homoeopathic Medical College, Mangalore since five years. Here she presents a clinical case on constitutional treatment.

       Constitutional treatment refers to the treatment of person as a whole, addresses the chronic condition consists of taking single remedy at a time has long term and profound benefits. It takes into consideration mind, body, complete health history, family history, inherited illness, tendencies and current state of health. Constitutional treatment aims at eventual cure of the patient, not just suppression or relief of immediate symptoms. With a right constitutional remedy the overall health is improved and it lessens the susceptibility to illness. In other words it improves the whole constitution. The clinical utility of the constitutional treatment is illustrated by a case

    Preliminary Data
    Ms VP aged 27yrs, computer engineer by occupation hails from Mangalore.

    Presenting Complaints

    Past History
    Nothing significant

    Family history
    Nothing significant

    Physical Generals
    Appetite – good
    Thirst – increased for cold water
    Perspiration - cold sweat on soles and palms
    Bladder – regular
    Bowels – regular
    Dreams – recent past events
    Craving - spicy
    Aversion – nil
    Appearance – lean
    Thermal state – chilly patient

    Menstrual History
    Menses – FMP at 13yrs of age, regular with moderate flow

    Life Space Investigation
    Patient hails from a middle class family. Her childhood was uneventful. She has 1 brother and 2 sisters. She was good in studies and secured good marks in exams. She is ambitious. She is mild by nature and reserved type of person. She has a lot of stress in work area. She has very limited friends. She will not express her feelings with others.

    General Physical Examination
    No signs of pallor, clubbing, cyanosis, icterus, oedema and lymphadenopathy

    Local examination
    Nose – no abnormality
    Throat – no signs of inflammation

    Systemic examination
    R.S – Normal vesicular breath sounds
    CVS – S1, S2 heard

    Provisional Diagnosis
    Vasomotor rhinitis

    Constitutional Totality

    Mental generals: Reserved, Intelligent, Timidity
    Physical generals: Lean
    Thirst increased for cold water
    Craving – spicy
    Perspiration cold on palms and soles
    Chilly patient
    Dreams of recent past

    Characteristic particular
    Dry cough, Coryza, A/F stress
    Based on the constitutional totality after repertorisation, Silicea was given

    First Prescription 18-3-08
    Silicea 200 1 H.S
    Placebo for 2 weeks

    Follow up-I 29-3-08
    Complaints were slightly better
    Cough and coryza >
    Silicea 200 1 dose H.S weekly
    Followed by Placebo for 2 wks

    Follow up-II 15-4-08
    Complaints were better
    No cough and coryza
    Generals – good, Perspiration <
    SL for 1 month

    Follow up-III 13-5-08
    Complaints were better
    Generals good. Perspiration >
    SL for 1 month

    Follow up-IV 10-6-08
    No cough and coryza
    Perspiration present
    Thirst increased
    Other generals good
    Silicea 200/2 dose once in 15 days HS
    Followed by Placebo for 1 month

    Follow up-V 23-7-08
    No cough and coryza
    Generals – good
    SL for 1 month

    Follow up-VI 25-8-08
    Complaints were better
    No cough and coryza
    Generals good
    Silicea 1 M 1 dose HS
    Followed by placebo for 1 month

    Follow up-VII 25-9-08
    Complaints >
    No cough and coryza
    Generals good, perspiration >
    SL for 1 month