June 2009 | Volume-6| Issue 6
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Constitutional study in a Medicos day out

- Vinatha.V

Constitutional Prescription…Clinical Utility

- Dr.Afshan Balekundri


The Concept of Constitutional Prescription

- Dr.Jayapratha.T


Constitutional Remedy …a Homoeopathic Study

- Subir Basu


Constitution… the concept

- DDr. Shashi Kant Tiwari


Constitutional Types

- Dr. D. Manju



- Dr. R. Lakshmipathy Prabhu

- Dr.M.Saraswathy

- Dr.S.Senthil Mohan

- Dr.S.Sasireka



           A case of Psoriasis
- Dr. K.M. Nisanth Nambison


           Constitutional Treatment- Clinical Utility
- Dr. Sheetal Adayar




       Francisco Xavier Eizayaga, MD

- Dr. Jessy Markose, BHMS


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