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July 2010|Vol 7|Issue 7

July 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 7

Acute complaints...


   Aconite is a very valuable remedy for acute complaints. It can be useful in sudden attacks like cold, pain etc. Hypersensitivity is a classical feature of aconite. Generally it is a remedy for first phase of acute illness of any kind, cold, inflammations etc. Complaints following fear, nervousness also benefited with this remedy enormously.

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Acute Stages...
Dr. V. Vasudevan

  Aconite is a very useful drug in acute stages of any illness, particularly with history of exposure to chill, cold drafts, and change in climate. In chronic case like bronchial asthma acute exacerbations responded well to this remedy. Aconite patients express fear and anxiety probing a physician, Whether I will be all right? repeatedly.


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Dr.K.C.Chidambara Natarajan


   Aconite is a very good remedy in early stages of fever. If it is given immediately, fever has been arrested in many cases. Measles and chicken pox suitably managed with this drug without any complication. If it is given in cases that receive injections in acute stage with modern medicine will respond drastically in bringing eruptions and further complications.

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Pain killer...

    Aconite is a very useful remedy in neuralgic pains of all types, particularly in facial neuralgia the remedy had benefited enormous patients. Besides the regular use in acute conditions. I successfully used in acute urinary retention in infants, fears in newly admitted school children. Aconite is a painkiller rather than the trio painkiller remedies chamomilla and coffea cruda.


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