Carcinoma of Hard Palate… Hekla lava

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    Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma, a research scholar, social worker, dedicated for the development of Homoeopathy. He has been a meritorious student since his school time. He always secured distinctions in many subjects. He is successful in treating cancer patients and also had presented many incurable ailments with evidence-based documents. Here the authour shares his experience with a carcinoma of Hard palate case, which surprisingly responded to his treatment.

    I recently treated a case of carcinoma of the palate. She was 55 years old, lives in a rural area of our state Uttaranchal.

    Initially the lady developed swelling in the palate gradually and she neglected it. She had been addicted to tobacco and betal chewing for long time. She consulted nearby physician, then an oncologist. Squamous cell carcinoma was confirmed by biopsy. The physicians preferred Chemotheraphy and Radiotheraphy, surgery was avoided as the malignancy had involved the adjacent structures. She shifted to homoeopathy, as the treatment would cost more.

    She is a very skillful, commanding and cunning lady. She led a very tough and rigid life.

    Desires for

        Sweets ++
        Spicy +
        Thirsty. The similimum was carcinosin

  First Prescription


     Carcinosin 1 M
     Sac lac TDS x 10 days.

Photo 1
  Follow Up 1
  • Little better.
  • Mild bleeding.
  • Bony hardness of the tumor.


     Hekla lava 30 tds.

  Follow Up 2
  • Much more improvement.


     Hekla lava 30 TDS

Photo 2
  Follow Up 3
  • Marked improvement. Growth regressed.


     Hekla lava 30 TDS.
     Treatment still continued.

Photo 3