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A case of Vitiligo

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        Dr.Hitesh Purohit is chief medical officer, Smt. Malini Kishor Sanghvi Homoeopathic Hospital, and a trust unit of ML Dhawle’s chain of activities. Here he presents a case of Vitiligo

        A thirteen year old, lean girl presented white discolouration of the skin since 9 years. The lesions are seen in hairline, upper eyelid, around ear, cheeks, legs, knee to ankle, both shoulder with involvement in mid scapular area. The small lesions also seen in sternum thighs and forearm
         Life Space and situation

         History collected from mother.

        The patient lives in a very big joint family consisting of 22 people, 250 Kilo meters from Baroda. Her father is a business man and described as a Irritable2 and short tempered.

        Even he beats the children for misbehaviors. Every body in their family fears his temperament. Her mother mild by nature is suffering from simple Goitre. Her elder sister is irritable3, Obstinate3 and her younger brother is mischeivious3.

        The patient is an average student, more interested in playing, films, songs, as compared to study. She participated in garba programme. She likes to see cartoons and films. She keeps her school bag in position but not items.

        She is very timid and does not like quarrels between siblings and others very affectionate to her grand mother. Her grand father is a most

respected person in the society, attracting visitors to their family. She is very shy and does not speak to a stranger’s. The family members described her with the following

  • Fear of being alone 2
  • Fear of dark 3
  • Fear of thunderstorm 3

From the patient

She is having sixteen friends, like talk3 and play with them. Likes all matches, movies and songs. Maths and science are her difficult subjects. She appeared shy and reserved. The following inference during interview

  • Dreams of ghost 3
  • Dreams of her teacher, comes to home and taking tea
  • Dreams of playing with friends
  • Fear of snakes3 and crocodiles3
  • Perspiration: General + + more on scalp
  • Craving: chocolate3, curd2, milk3, sweets2

Totality of symptoms

  • Sensitive to quarrels
  • Fear of dark
  • Fear of animals
  • Fear of thunderstorm
  • Fear of ghost
  • Intelligence: average
  • Perspiration on scalp
  • Craving: chocolate3, curd2, milk3, sweets2
  • Chilly patient

Final remedy : Calcarea carb

Planning and programming:
       Sensitivity                   : Moderate
       Susceptibility               : low
       Structural changes       : reversible
       Dominant Miasm          : Tubercular
       Potency                      : 6 to 30 gradually increasing multiple dose

Summery of the case:

        Treatment was started in with cal carb 6 daily to frequent doses. Intercurrent was used Tuberculin 200 and later on 1m infrequently. Last potency was calc carb 1m, patient has improved. 90 to 95 % of the spots was cured within a span of 2 years.