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A case of Acid flour

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    Dr.A.K.Gupta is a leading physician and academician. He is a Member of Homoeopathic Advisory Committee Govt. of Delhi. He is the Author of “The Problem Child and Homoeopathy” book and presented many papers in international conferences. He was graduated from Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College. He had received many awards for his excellence in service. Here he presents a case of Alopecia areata.

A case of Acid flour:
    A twenty years old girl consulted me for patchy hair loss on her scalp since six months. Initially Alopecia areata started as a tiny patch and later it grew into a big patch more than a silver coin. Her associated complaint is chronic constipation.
The skin lesions are dry, scaly, rough in parched at some places, which reflected Arsenicum Album skin. In some places with much induration at the base of the lesions with redness, small pustular vesicles and the border is surrounded with urticarial rashes resembling Rhus tox skin. The dry, rough, cracked leathery lesion with redness and bleeding spots in the sacral area similared the Petroleum skin. Itching and burning in the more indurated parts < uncovering and after bath. Burning epigastrium < morning and night.

    She had ear discharges in childhood and suspected mastoiditis by x ray. Her parents are hale and healthy. Recently she had suffered from typhoid.

    She is short-tempered and doest not bear contradictions. Egoistic, Quiet apprehensive, Anxious, Easily frightened. She desires company and broods over many things. She has desire for sweets. Chilly patient. Her periods are very regular.



First prescription           16th May 2005

- Acid Flour 200 / 3 doses at 15mts interval
- Selenium 30 tds

Follow up 1                     30th May 2005

  • Stools better, no more constipation,
  • No more further increase of Patch
  • Started feeling bit itchy over the spot.
    - Selenium 30 tds
Follow up 1                     13th June2005
  • Much better in general, started getting hairs on the spot.

    She was on Placebo

    Follow up 2                     18th June2005
  • Again felt constipated.
  • Hairs coming regularly , Patch almost disappearing.

    - Selenium 30 /1 dose
    - S/L

    Follow up 3                     8th June 2005
  • Patch completely filled with the hairs and case got cured.


        An opening prescription on miasmatic basis followed with an indicated remedy cured this case. The photographs captured during the treatment also given here.