Frans Vermeulen
      Frans Vermeulen is an eminent homoeopath in Netherland. He has devoted himself to Homoeopathy with the distinct objective of making the science more accessible to fellow homoeopaths. Frans Vermeulen has translated many of the homoeopathic classics into Dutch. Vermeulen's training as a teacher before turning to Homoeopathy has helped him to become one of the foremost instructors in the field, as the students of the Dutch, Irish and Finish Schools of Homoeopathy will testify.

      Frans Vermeulen was born in Holland in 1948. He worked as a schoolteacher at an elementary school and started homoeopathic studies in 1976. In his spare time he translated homoeopathic books, resulting in the translation of some 40 English and German texts, ranging from Boericke to Vithoulkas, Whitmont, and Borland etc. He wrote "Children's

      Types in Homoeopathy" based on his experiences as a teacher and a homoeopath. He began his career as a teacher of homoeopathy in 1990.

      In 1992 he wrote the first Synoptic Materia Medica, which emerged from remedy summaries made for his students in Holland, Ireland and Finland. Later he wrote the Concordant and the Synoptic 2. Most recently Frans completed Prisma Materia Medica in March 2002, a beautiful work where numerous data from non-homoeopathic sources are supplied as both reference material and as the source of potential symptoms. The significance and potential of such external data has been the subject of his numerous seminars in Europe, Israel and Australia.

- Dr. Jessy Markose, BHMS