A case of Endometrial Poly

Dr. S.B. Mirajkar
M.D Homoeo
Dr. Mirajkar Homoeo Clinic
Opp. Laxmi Talkies,
M.G. Road, Bijapur

    Dr. Shreekant B. Mirajkar M.D. (Hom) a leading Homoeopath of Bijapur city Karnataka state. He has served as a lecturer at Al-Amaan Homoeopathic Medical College Bijapur. He is a social worker and dedicated for the development of Homoeopathy. He conducted many free medical camps and organized seminars. Here he presents a case of endometrial polyp.

        A female aged 38 years consulted me for irregular menstruation for the past 1 year. Initially she had periods for 7-8 days and later on 10 to 15 days with dark menstrual flow sometimes with clots. Menses once in 6 to 8 weeks. She is hypersensitive in nature.

Past History:
        Suffered from Malaria and typhoid 2 years back
        Family History
        Father died of carcinoma prostate

Physical Generals:

        Complaints in general < from heat, desires spicyfood and aversion to salt and sweet. Thirst is reduced.

Mental Generals:
        Fear in general and wants company.

Menstrual History:
        Menarche at 14 years, Irregular since one year, 4 days flow normal,

        Hb% - 9 gm/dl
        USG done on 26-10-07 gave Impression – Endometrial polyp

Disease diagnosis: Endometrial Polyp
        After analyzing the case with reference to Kents Repertory, Lycopodium is selected.


First Prescription: 19-01-08
        Lycopodium 30, 3 doses followed by Saclac for 1 month

Follow up – 1: 19-02-08
        Got menstrual cycle at regular time with normal bleeding.
        Saclac for 1 month

Follow up - 2: 18-03-08

        She had spotting for 1 day on 11-03-08
        Carconosin 1 M – 1 Dose followed by Saclac for 1 month.
        Advised USG Abdomen
        On 18-03-08 the Ultrasound was done and the impression was
        No evidence of focal lesion in endometrial/ myometrium

Follow up 3: 25-04-08
        She got regular period on 20-04-08 for 4 days with normal flow
        Saclac for 1 month
        Patient was advised to continue for three months