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A Case of Psoriasis

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       Dr.Girish Gupta, recipient of many national and international awards, also a member of Central council for Research in Homoeopathy had presented many cases with evidence-based documentations. Here we give a Case of Psoriasis presented by him. He has a scientific approach with determination to do “Something Significant” and redefine Homoeopathy on modern scientific lines. This case had been treated recently and he shares his experience with all.
       A thirty-six years old male patient was having dry, itchy, scaly, erythematous, psoriatic skin lesions on abdomen for the last 10 years. Comprehensive case taking revealed tendency to catch cold with recurrent episodes of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media, poor appetite and weight loss. Patient took various allopathic drugs like Methotrexate, Folitrax, Oncotrex, and Toroxx along with topical use of steroidal ointments without sustained relief. Family history revealed Psoriasis in paternal grand uncle. Detailed case history of the patient was taken up and following symptoms were considered for selection of the remedy: –

       The case was repertorised and Arsenicum album was selected from various drugs of choice

    First prescription                   29.08.2007
       Arsenicum album 1M single dose was prescribed followed by Placebo for    4 weeks.

    Followup- 1                             2.10.2007

       Psoriatic lesions on abdomen slightly reduced.
       Dreams reduced in frequency.
       Fear of narrow places and habit of washing hands decreased.
       Placebo was repeated for 5 weeks.

    Followup - 2                             13.11. 2007
       Slow improvement in psoriatic lesions after initial response.
       Dreams, fear of narrow places and habit of washing hands remained as such.
       Arsenicum album 1000 single dose was repeated followed by Placebo for  4 weeks.

    Followup - 3                             14.12. 2007
       Psoriatic skin lesions on abdomen better than before.
       Dreams and fears reduced.
       Placebo was repeated for 4 weeks.

    Followup-4                             13.01. 2008
       Psoriatic skin lesions on abdomen much reduced.
       Placebo was repeated for 3 weeks.

    Followup-5                             6.02. 2008
       Most of the psoriatic lesions cleared only a few lesions remaining.
       Arsenicum album 1000 single dose was repeated followed by Placebo for 3 weeks.

    Followup-6                             29.02. 2008
       Psoriatic skin lesions on abdomen were more than 95 percent cleared in    6 months of Homoeopathic treatment.
       Placebo was repeated for 4 weeks.
       Patient was advised to discontinue the treatment and report in case of recurrence, which was not reported till date.