Melanie J. Grimes

      Melanie Kornfeld Grimes is worlds renowned homoeopath, and Medical Editor, health Columnist. She teaches at Bastyr University, The Seattle School of Homeopathy and created the first online interactive course in homeopathy, “Homeotalk” Melanie is a frequent lecturer internationally. Melanie J. Grimes was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA .

       She began studying the Organon over 35 years ago. She was the editor of The American Homeopath for over 12 years and now edits Similimum, Journal of the HANP.  She is the author of the naturopathic textbook, Dr. John Bastyr Philosophy and Practice. She also edited Dynamis Provings, the Dynamics and Methodology of Provings, second edition.      
      Ms. Grimes has conducted provings of
      · Shark liver (Galeocerdo cuvier hepar)
      · Meteorite (Fax caliestes)
      · Tule Bluet Dragonfly (Enallagma carunculatum)
      · Blue Green Algae (Microcystic aeruginosa
      · Natal Grass (Stangeria)
      · Wollemni Pine
      · Melatonin

       She is on the research board of the American Medical College of Homeopathy and lectures internationally. She has written hundreds of articles in homeopathic journals worldwide. She lives in Seattle, Washington where she also writes screenplays, novels and librettos.

      She can be contacted at:
      1217 West Howe
      Seattle, Washington 98119.
      Phone/Fax: 206 284-5340
      Web :

- Dr. Jessy Markose, BHMS