June 2010|Vol 7|Issue 6

June 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 6


A Case of Alopecia


Dr.A.Ravindra Babu B.Sc., DHMS, CCH,
Homoeo Physician, Nalini Homoeo Clinic,
Main Road, BOATH,
Ph: 245302, Mobile: 9440549208


        Dr.A.Ravindra Babu is a leading senior physician, more dedicated for the development of Homoeopathic system of Medicine. He presented case studies in journals with evidence based documents. Here he presents a case of Alopecia Areata

    A boy aged 9 years, presented with loss of hair in the scalp and history of falling hair since 6 months. A small patchy hair loss extended and covered the major portion of the scalp. He also had headache and bed wetting.
    He tried many local applications and desperated, final choice was homoeopathy. The boy was emaciated and thin built

    Past history:
    H/o Pneumonia and took allopathic treatment.

    Family History:
    H/o Pneumonia and Tuberculosis to father

    Physical Generals
    Appetite : More

    Thirst: Normal

    Urine Normal

    Stool : Constipated

    Sleep : Good

    Sweat :Increased.

    Desires: Desires hot and Salty food.

    Aversion: Aversion to sweets.

    Mental / Emotional Sphere
    Anxious, emotional and Irritable

    First Prescription               20-11-09
    Nat Mur 200 1 dose,
    Placebo for 1 Month,
    Echinacea Q for external Application.

    Follow Up - 1                20-12-09
    No Change
    Nat Mur 200 1 dose,
    Placebo for 15 days,
    Echinacea Q for external Application.

    Follow Up - 2                06-01-10
    No Change
    Nat Mur 1M 1 dose,
    Echinacea Q for external Application.

    Follow Up - 3                20-01-10
    Growth of the hair started and feels better.
    Placebo for 1 Month.

    Follow Up - 4                10-02-10
    Placebo for 15 days.

    Follow Up - 5                1-03-10
    Patient developed full hair
    Refer Plates (Before & After)
    Tuberculinum 1m 1 Dose.


    The picture of the illness matched the remedy Natrum Mur . His emaciated frame also constitutionally guided me to prescribe the drug. Here Echinacea Q was used externally as an auxiliary treatment and expedite cure. Finally I prescribed Tuberculinum to prevent the further recurrence.