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June 2010|Vol 7|Issue 6

June 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 6

Uterine Bleeding


   Women are more prone to bleeding abnormalities. Sabina, Belladonna, and calc carb are the common useful drugs in my practice. Trillium Q and Millifolium Q also helpful when the menstrual bleeding is uncontrollable . When menorrhoea occurs with fibroid, Fraxinus Americana Q helped me a lot.

Dr.Saraswathy, Rajam Homoeo Clinic, Korattur,Chennai , Mobile:9382844005


Arnica Montana
Dr.S.Senthil Mohan

  Arnica is the best remedy to control bleeding after any injury, even it would benefit a patient with apoplexy . A suspected case of Cerebrovascular accident could be prevented with this remedy. The most useful mother tinctures in women to control uterine bleeding are Millifolium, Q, Trillium Q and Thalapsi Bur Q based on the presentation of symptoms


Dr.S.Senthil Mohan, M.D(hom) Brough Road , Erode, 638 001. Mobile - 9443239928


Crocus Sativus


   Crocus Sativus and Crotalus Horidus clinically used in many cases when the other indicated remedy failed to control any kind of bleeding. Lachesis also helpful in such cases , particularly in Uterine bleeding . Ferum Met is very useful for external injuries

Dr.Sasireka, Block No: 561, Avenue 10, Singapore Email:drsasis@hotmail.com



    Hamamelis Q is an excellent remedy control bleeding when applied locally on the affected part and internally in potency . Millifollium is also good remedy particularly I have seen in Epistaxis. Calendula Q externally control the bleeding quickly and heal the injured parts. Blumea odorata Q is good remedy for bleeding


Dr.L.K.Tantuway, BHMS, Internee Machargai Sagar,Madhya Pradesh, Pin: 470002. Mobile: 9993670485



Dr.Manas Kumar Kapardar
Carbo veg


   A boy aged 5 years, suffering from bleeding from nose since 2 years, consulted me. He was weak with sunken eyes < Summer > Cold application. StooIs offensive and he has desire for sweets, fruits. I prescribed Carbo Veg 0/1 for 15 days. Now the boy is free from epistaxis


Dr.M.Zubeida Farveen

  Haemophilia is a hereditary and dreadful disorder with deep internal bleeding. In such conditions Homoeopathic medicines could complement or cure the cases with a suitable Similimum. Ficus indicus and crotalus Horridus are the main drugs helpful in lowest potencies


Dr.M.Zubeida Farveen,58,Nainiappa pillai street, Puducherry Mob:9894139917


Dr.Smita M.Betgeri
Hamamelis in Bleeding...


   I have used successfully in my practice Hamamelis to control any type of bleeding. I used Hamamelis ext Q along with Calendula ext Q which stops bleeding in few seconds. Hamamelis internally in dilutions from 30 to 200 potencies for bleeding piles, bleeding aphthous ulcers, bleeding pimples and epistaxis

Dr.Smita M.Betgeri, BHMS, Shri. Ashirwad Homoeopathic Clinic, Azam Nagar Cross, Belgaum


Secale Cor in... Haemophilia

    A known Case of Haemophilia was benefited with Secale Cor 0/3, everyday. I prescribed this remedy by the keynote symptom, the skin feels icy cold to touch, yet the patients wants cold. Now the patient has no epistaxis and haemoptysis for last 6 years


Dr.Sivakumaran, BHMS 37, SBOA Colony Extension, By- Pass Road, Madurai-625010.Mobile:98424 77482