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        Dr.O.V.Ramana is a busy practitioner and social worker. His writings had been published in various scientific journals .His short case with documentation gives boon to the physicians and students. He also organized seminars and more involved with public awareness programs.

        Warts are very common ailment in our practice. Homoeopathy crowns the pathological vegetations in curing with out knife, and cauterization. A simple prescription has cured this case of warts, which was not amenable to any another system of medicines

A brief Case History A boy aged fourteen years presented warts in the right hand since one year. He was also prone to get cold often and sneeze to cold things and damp weather for which he was treated under the diagnosis of Allergic Rhinitis A physician had advised him to keep away from river banks where he lives. I prescribed Dulcamara 200, followed with SL for three weeks.

When he consulted me for the next follow up, he was free from nasal complaints and watched for some disintegration in size of the warts. I put on SL again for a month. Further consultation and follows up, as shown in the photograph was almost better, Only discolouration and moderate scarring was noticed.

I prescribed Dulcamara as the patient presented the following symptoms

Large pedunculated wart, with smooth consistency

Warts are in hands

· Watery discharge from nose< damp weather, Cold drinks
· Thick yellowish sputum
· Allergic complaints < damp weather


Pathologically Thuja suits this case by its presentation is similar to the location, characteristics .I have chosen Dulcamera since the affinity towards respiratory ailments and symptom characteristics. After a year the girl was brought to me and found her “Allergic Rhinitis” also better.

Prescription of a similimum of miasmatic base with physio pathogical interpretation makes clear direction in prescription and cure