Ginkgo biloba … the Savior For Senior Citizens

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   I have been using this wonderful little medicine for old people and for young people who look and feel like old people. The use of this medicine has helped me in successfully managing a lot of complaints of old people like depression, dementia, dizziness, dermatitis, numbness in extremities, etc. Poor erection in prematurely old people is also benefited by this medicine.

   I use this medicine in conjunction with other polychrests like Conium, Baryta carb., Thuja, etc. Wherever there is poor circulation I prescribe Gingko biloba either in mother tincture or in low potency like 6C. Students with poor memory get some help from using Ginkgo biloba mother tincture but not in all cases. The mother tincture of Ginkgo biloba is prepared from the extract of Maidenhair Tree. This is also called as ‘Ornamental Chinese fan-leaved tree’. The name Ginkgo is derived from two Chinese words - ‘yin’ and ‘kuo’ which mean ‘silver fruit.’

   In old trees the bark is grey and looks like the skin of an elephant; in young trees the bark is brown with cork-like cracks. These signatures have helped me in prescribing this medicine for both dry and oozing type of eczema that affects mostly elderly people. Dryness and lack of perspiration and Senile pruritis with dry, thick and leathery skin are indications for Ginkgo biloba. There are cracks in the skin and offensive discharge in oozing type of eczema.

   Recent researches show Ginkgo biloba’s ability to interfere with the action of a substance called platelet activating factor [PAF]. PAF is involved in an enormous number of biological processes like asthma, organ graft rejection, arterial blood flow, and the internal blood clots involved in heart attacks and some strokes. By inhibiting PAF, Ginkgo biloba has been shown to have enormous healing potential, particularly in conditions associated with aging. ... Preliminary reports suggest Ginkgo may help prevent the rejection of transplanted organs. It may also be effective against allergies, high blood pressure, kidney problems, and Alzheimer’s disease.

   The provings done by Drs. Swoboda and Knig have brought out a perfect picture of depression. Wherever the people feel that they are not able to cope up with otherwise normal and routine works, when they feel that everything is too much for them, when they avoid people and conversation, when they keep postponing all their routine works, when they suffer from early morning insomnia, etc. I prescribe Ginkgo biloba. Irrational fears, loquacity, suppressed anger with tendency to tear up things, self-criticism and criticizing others are also the symptoms of Ginkgo biloba. The dreams of Ginkgo biloba are easily remembered by the patients. The dreams are of varying types like Dreams of water, flooding, of robbers, fights, of bomb explosions, of escaping and death in the family; of grave yards, of misfortune, of millions of ants, of corpses and of being dissected, etc.

   We have to consider this remedy when there is a strong delusion of being old. Ginkgo biloba patients are chilly patients and physically fatigued, Chilly patient. Icy coldness of feet and fingertips. Paroxysmal symmetrical paleness of hands.


< Cold damp weather.
< Humid weather or warm atmosphere.
< Alcohol. Intolerance of fats.
I consider Ginkgo biloba as a savior of senior citizens.