Ginkgo biloba... pharmacodynamics


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Dr.K.L.Swamy is a leading practitioner practices in the garden city Bangalore, He has authored many scientific papers and lectured at Government Homoeopathic Medical College as a part time lecturer in Material medica. Here he presents the symptomatology on Ginkgo biloba for the benefits of practitioners and students since the source is limited with some books. He also says that he uses extensively like a polycrest in his practice with great results.

Ginkgo biloba acts as a Circulatory stimulant, especially micro circulation and end arteries, so it is extensively used in improving poor cerebral circulation, improves memory, helps in cases of dementia senile and vascular dementia, impotency, Alzheimer’s disease, Raynaud’s disease, Retinopathy etc., It has got anti inflammatory effect and ability to reduce inflammation. It is used in multiple sclerosis, autoimmune and problems. It is also known for antispasmodic and anti allergic properties, so it is also used in Asthmatic cases. The Ginkgo biloba patients are chilly, nervous and melancholic .It acts on the right side of the body. Predominately Psoric, and Tubercular patients.
Impossible to concentrate, difficulty in concentration, poor memory, anxiety – unreal, imaginary, about himself and about other family members. Fear – lot of imaginary fears, ill humor, peevish, cross, sulky and morose, dull, sad, oversensitive, tearful mood, weeping tendency, loquacity, delusion being old, everything is unreal.
Headache with heaviness in frontal region, pain in root of the nose, supra orbital region and temples, stitching and pressing type of pain, agg. Cold, cold air, better by rest. Vertigo during headache.

Increased lachrymation during headache, tearing and pressing type of pain in eyeballs esp. looking upwards and to the rt.side, sensation of troubled vision. Useful in Diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration.
Dryness of nose, nose blockage esp. during cold.
Hearing reduced, sensation of blockage of the ears, noise in ear, persistent buzzing sound in ears due to weakness of nerves and tinnitus.
Dryness of mouth, yellow tongue esp. towards base, aphthaous ulcer in mouth and tongue, burning smarting pain with increased salivation.
Pale face, pain in cheekbones and jaws, cracks and fissures in lips, herpetic eruptions around mouth.
Dryness of throat, sore throat, pain and inflammation in tonsils. Congestion of the parotids.
Appetite wanting, pain in stomach with fullness, nausea, with eructation.
Cramping, griping pain in hypochondria, drawing pain in hypogastrium. Distention of abdomen.
Constrictive pain in pericardial region, pain along the sternum with lameness of the left arm, with increased perspiration, burning and stitching pain in chest esp. under mammae.
Dyspnoea with difficult expectoration, with thick mucus phlegm.
The cervical vertebraes are blocked and a crackling sound is felt while turning the head towards the right, Bruised pain in lumbar region as if beaten, stiffness of back, legs are soft, feet icy cold, trembling and shivering of the right hand during headache. Cramps in legs, numbness in hand with pain – Raynaud’s disease.
Pain in urethra, cannot control, morbid desire to urinate. Crampy pain in uterus, for complaints of premenstrual syndrome. Impotency.
Unhealthy skin, dryness of skin, cracks, fissures, vesicular, herpetic eruptions, itching.
Disturbed, un-refreshed sleep.
Dreams of animals++, own family++, dead bodies, nightmare.
General lameness with chill, uneasiness and sensation of oppression and great physical fatigue with the sensation of general weakness.
Worse: in morning++ 5am to 9am, noon, evening++, night++
Due to emotional excitement, Menses during.
Better: By pressure, during rest, warmth, Tea.
It resembles and antidotes poison oak and Rhus poison, Compare - Aur mur, Baryt.M., Plumb in multiple sclerosis, Acon, Actaea spic, Cactus, Digit, in cardiovascular spasm, Cham, Mag.phos, Diosc, Plumb in Colic and spasm, Nat.M, Rhus tox, Sep, Tellur in Herpes, Agnus, Calad,, Yohimbin in impotence, Ars, Bap, Bry, Eup. Per., Gels, Rhus in Influenza, Ars, Secale, Puls in Raynaud”s disease. Baryta’s and Calc’s in Senile problems. Antipyr, Cann. Ind., Carb.S.,, in Tinnitus, Am.mur, Baryta, Bell, Merc, Phyt in Tonsillits.
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