How to recognize Arsenic patient

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    Dr.Deoshlok Sharma is a leading academician and practitioner. Dr. Deoshlok Sharma thought Homoeopathy to be the best branch of medical science since it treats patients according to symptoms. His research works on Homeopathy were widely acclaimed both Nationally and Internationally.Here he presents an article how to recognize Arsenic Patient.

    Homoeopathic medicine is used for all physical and mental derangements. It is wrong to take medicine only on basis of physical sickness. For treatment this is the main requirement. In this article we will try to discuss about types of symptom of Arsenic Album and its uses and also about the mental state of Arsenic patient.

Mental State of Arsenicum Album Patient :
    Arsenic Album is actually prescribed for those patients who suffer from depression, loneliness and insecurity; this is other thing that he/she is not aware of. You can see below the symptoms of Arsenic patient and you can check whether they are Arsenic patient or not.
1. Patient gives important only to his/her choice, never bother about others choice. He always want someone to sit near him, can’t bear loneliness. He always wants that some one should guard him all the time.
2. Patient also want that the person sitting side to him should be his lovable one because he needs consolation , sympathy from him all the time and say yes to all his views.
3. He is very insecure about himself, he even imagine the incident which which happened to his neighbour as to himself; he thinks he will be soon going to face the same situation. He always get tensed about his health as he has fear of death all the time.
4. He always tries to save his wealth and always keeps his valuable things very safely, he always think that he will become poor. So for that he even becomes very selfish.
5. He never helps any one soon and suppose if helps thinks of it when needed.
6. Arsenic patient like cleanliness; can’t tolerate a bit of dirt any where. He likes cleanliness as he thinks that due to uncleanliness, he will get sick.
7. This type of Arsenic patient is a perfectionist in all things, even in his thinking. He even tries to find out mistakes in other people in order to show them how perfectionist he is.
8. Due to his unstable mind, and behavior he is nervous all the time. He cant sit in one place, he has to change his place and his mind revolves everywhere.
9. Fear of death is so deeply held in his mind, he thinks negatively and feels that he will suffer from cancer,TB etc.If one Doctor denies it they look for other doctor who can say them what they wanted to hear.
10. Arsenic patient doesn’t want to leave doctor, as he feels very unsafe, insecure with out doctor.

    I would like to inform the practioners to thorough Materia Medica before prescribing Arsenic medicine to the patient, because the symptoms of Arsenic is very similar to other medicines.

    In short :- Insecurity deeply, give importance to health even more then it is necessary are the key of Arsenic health tension, need people to sit beside him, nervousness. etc

Physical Symptoms
1. Arsenic patient drink only 1-2 sip of water even if they are thirsty
2. Feels vomiting but never happen
3. If his disease is very old he doesn’t like drinking water and even the smell of food.
4. He suffers from itching, which is not relieved even by scratching.
5. He takes care of his near ones with parenteral care.
6. He wants his children to become like him.
7. He is even more emotional than women.
8. He faces the outside people with cool and calm mood.
9. He even shows his anger in front of outsider.
10. His speaking power decreases, he does not like speaking much.
But beware there are many medicine with same symptoms like. Nux vom, Sulphur, Phosphorous which can be recognized easily. If the correct medicine is identified based on the symptoms the patient will recover quickly.