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A Case of Neoplasm Tongue

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       Dr.Girish Gupta, recipient of many National and International awards, also a member of Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy had contributed many cases with evidence-based documentations. Here we gives a case of Neoplasm Tongue treated by him. He has a scientific approach with determination to do “Something Significant” and redefine Homoeopathy on modern scientific lines. This case has been treated recently and he shares his experience with all.

       A boy aged 7 years old was brought to my clinic by his parents for treatment of a firm, nodular swelling on left margin of tongue which was observed a month back and was gradually increasing in size.
    The boy had additional complaints of grinding teeth during sleep and bed-wetting. He also complained of pain in abdomen on and off with difficult stool missing for days. The parents complained that he had a poor appetite.

    Past History
    The boy had Jaundice at the age of four.

    Treatment History
    Taken Allopathic treatment without any advantage.

    Physical Generals:
    The boy had desire for sweets. Appetite was poor occasionally with constipation.

    Mental Generals :
    The boy is irritable,often violent,destructive,careless with changeable mood obstinate and always restless.

    Clinical Findings:
    On examining, a painless, firm, nodular swelling on left margin of tongue was felt.
    Following Rubrics were taken for case analysis.
    SN Rubrics
    1. Anger, Tendency: Children in:
    2. Anger, Tendency: Violent:
    3. Company: Desire for:
    4. Play: Desire to, playful:
    5. Wander: Desire to:
    6. Consolation: Agg.:
    7. Destructiveness:
    8. Heedless: Careless:
    9. Offended easily:
    10. Mood: Changeable, variable:
    11. Obstinate, head strong: Children:
    12. Hurry, haste: Tendency: Occupation, in:
    13. Restlessness: Tendency: Children, in:
    14. Hatred: Revenge, and:
    15. Food and drinks: Sweet: Desires:
    16. Perspiration: scalp:
    17. Teeth: Grinding: Sleep, during:
    18. Urination: Involuntary: Night, incontinence in bed:
    19. Salivation: Sleep, during:
    20. Tumors: Tongue

    Calcarea Carb was the remedy which ranked highest after repertorisation.
    Diagnosis:Neoplasm Tongue

    First prescription 21.06.2006
    Calcarea carbonica 1M 3doses at 10–10–10 minutes interval at night once only
    Rubrum met 30 B.D. for 2 weeks

    Follow up-1 07.07.2006
    Asymptomatic firm, nodular swelling on left margin of tongue, bed wetting and teeth grinding remained as such.
    Rubrum met 30 B.D.for 2 weeks

    Follow up-2 20.07.2006
    Nodular swelling on left margin of tongue reduced. Bed wetting and teeth grinding remained as such. The attendants told that patient is very obstinate, gets angered easily and had sweating from scalp.
    Calcarea carbonica 1000/3 doses at 10–10–10 minutes interval at night
    Rubrum met 30 B.D.for 1 week

    Follow up-3 28.07.2006
    Nearly 50 % reduction in nodular swelling on left margin of tongue. Bed wetting and teeth grinding also reduced.
    Rubrum met30 B.D for 9 weeks on different visits

    Follow up –4 12.01.2007
    Nodular swelling on left margin of tongue almost disappeared. Appetite improved. Bed-wetting,teeth grinding and head sweating further reduced. Anger, obstinacy, destructiveness reduced.
    Rubrum met 30 B.D.for 2 weeks
    The Photographs taken before and after treatment are given for interpretation.