March 2009 | Volume-6| Issue 3
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Homoeopathic treatment of cancer

- Dr. Med. Carl Rudolf Klinkenberg

Cancer and its Miasm

- Dr. M.S. Bhagavathi



- Dr Suriyakhatun Osman

- Dr. Pawan Pareek

- Dr.A.Thamaraiselvan

- Dr.P.K.Mukherjee


   Book Club

          Handbook on Homoeopathy for Mother and Child Care - by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy


          James Tyler Kent (1849-1916)  


          A case of corns treated with Antimonium Crudum
- Dr. P. Mukundan


          A case of Cancer Larynx
- Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma
          Adenocarcinoma of Stomach
- Dr. Esmail Sait
          Inhibition of PSA in Prostate cancer
- Dr. Girish Gupta




       Dr.Jagjit Singh Khanna

- Dr. Jessy Markose, BHMS


   Web peep  
  - Dr. M.S. Bhagavathi BHMS



Plan to open NRHM Dispensaries

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