March 2010|Vol 7|Issue 3

March 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 3


Precautions for Dispensing Homoeopathic Medicines

    Storage of all drugs should be in closed cupboard away from direct sunlight.

    Each drug must be well stoppered and labeled.

    Avoids – dust, odors, smoke, damp, strong light, direct sunlight which affect the purity of potentised medicine.

    Preparation of camphor should always be kept separate otherwise they may antidote almost all medicine of vegetable origin.

    Two phials containing different potencies or remedies should never be opened at the same time in close proximity.

    Phials used for keeping one medicine should never be used for any other medicine nor for the same medicine in any other potency.

    Potentised medicine should be kept separately from the crude drug.

    Almost all homoeopath dispense tongue dose directly from the bottle of medicine to the patient, such manner of dispensing medicine can spoil the whole bottle medicine, because different type of patient have different odors in their mouth.

    Therefore, I personally request all homoeopath to avoid such type of dispensing medicine an also be insure about the genuineness of medicine before dispensing them for the welfare of suffering humanity.

    Genuine medicines are only the weapons in the hand of homoeopathic physician.

    Dr. Shivendra Yadav (Lecturer)
    Shri. Ram Nath Singh Homoeopathic
    Medical College and Hospital,
    Gormi Bhind (M.P)