March 2010|Vol 7|Issue 3

March 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 3

A case of Bell’s Palsy


Dr. K. Savitha, BHMS,
AKP Homoeopathic Clinical and Research Centre,
#6, Lloyds IInd Lane,
Royapettah, Chennai - 600 014.
Phone : 044 - 28113300

       Bell’s palsy is a common neurological disorder often inciting significant concern in patients. Even though it is distressing, not dangerous. Bell’s palsy is quite amenable to our homoeopathic treatment.

    Here I am presenting a case of Bell’s palsy treated successfully at AKP homoeopathic clinical research centre
    A male aged 28 years professional presented with sudden right sided facial weakness and numbness. Complaints had started after a long travel, seating on window side while proceeding to his home last evening. He observed facial weakness and drooling of saliva after waking. He presented the symptoms as follows.

    · Facial weakness on the right side, food and water drooling while eating.

    · The upper eyelid on right side was drooping; with watering from the eyes.

    · The affected parts were experienced with numbness.

    On Examination:
    · General weakness on the right side of the face. Unable to blow air.
    · Inability to close his right eyelid; drooped.
    · When the patient was asked to smile, asymmetry was observed on right side.

    Past History:
    History of recurrent attacks of cough and cold from childhood. Undergone vaccination for all communicable diseases.

    Family History:
    Father - Has history of tuberculosis.
    Maternal grandmother - Hypertensive.

    Treatment History:
    Had urinary infection at the age of 20, took allopathic treatment and relieved.

    Physical Generals:

    Appetite - Normal.

    Thirst - Normal.

    Stool - Regular.

    Urine - Burning micturition, passes frequently.

    Sweat - Moreover forehead.

    Sleep - Good.

    Food Type - Non vegetarian.

    Aversion - Milk +

    Voice - Hoarsness with slurred speech.

    Has the habit of smoking.

    Mental Generals :
    Sad and depressed
    Lack of interest to work; always feel he has no strength to work.

    Evaluation of Symptoms:

    Complaints after exposure to drafts of cold air.

    Weakness on the right side of the face with numbness.

    Food and water dribbles while eating.

    Sad and depressed.

    Lack of interest to work.

    Always feels he has no strength to work.

    Burning and frequent micturition.

    Hoarseness of voice with slurred speech. }

    Bell’s Palsy

    Miasmatic Interpretation:
    Psora Syphilitic

    First Prescription            23/03/93
    Causticum 1M / one dose o.d
    Followed with placebo for fifteen days.
    Refer the photographs

    Follow Up -1                   07/04/93
    Facial weakness present+
    Hoarseness of voice reduced.
    Causticum 1M / one dose o.d
    Followed with placebo for fifteen days

    Follow Up -2                   21/04/93
    Facial Weakness mild.
    Right eyelid -Normal, able to close.
    Voice normal, generally better.
    Causticum 1 M / one dose o.d
    Followed with placebo for fifteen days

    Follow Up -3                   27/05/93
    Generally better
    Normal facial movements.
    Voice normal.
    Placebo for fifteen days.

    Causticum was prescribed based on the key note symptoms complaints after exposure to drafts of cold air. Perhaps the causation also leads to the Aetiological prescription. Added further , the symptom similarity also matches the drug .
    Here the miasmatic expression is psora syphilitic which threatens the patient. The pseudo psora returns to psoric state with suitable miasmatic remedy