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March 2010|Vol 7|Issue 3

March 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 3

Plastic Phials


   I use always plastic phials which are filled with 30 size pills and medicated with prescribed medicines. It is very useful and convenient for the patients. I also use pockets of sugar of milk with few pills for nosodes and higher potencies

Dr.N.R.Jayakumar, Madan Homoeo Clinic,8/1, Ramakrishna Street, Adambakkam, Chennai, 600088.
Phone 044-22453335 Email; madhanhom@vsnl.com


Powder packs

  I use the main remedies always in powder pockets, Sugar of milk is taken in butter paper and medicated globules put into the middle part. I use single dose and followed with placebo pills in a phial containing 30 sized globules


Dr.N.Subramanium, Karthik clinic, Madurai Phone 9944924123


Dr. Sasikumar
Blister packs


   Patients expect very hygienic dispensing medicines, so I use very clean butter papers with quality medicines in pockets for the medicines. Diskettes and phials are used for placebo only. I tried blister pack machinery . It needs man power and consumes lot of money even though it is useful to pop up under hygienic measures

Dr. Sasikumar, Subhiksha Homoeopathy Clinic, Brough Road, Erode, Phone: 98424755234


Powder packs

    I always use powder packs for dispensing as per Hahnemann guidelines. Globules in plastic phials has been used occasionally to fill the placebo medicines I use very clean dispensing atmosphere and more care in giving education, advice to the patents. Powder packs are convenient for paediatric and gaeriatric practice.


Dr.S.S.Vithal, SCF 17,Narotam Nagar,Samadhi Road,KHANNA (Pb)-141401 Phone:094170-21093



Powder packs


   I use only powder packs which contains the sugar of milk and dispensed medicines in the form of globules. I feel it is more convenient form, I use phials rarely in acute conditions and few days medication

Dr.Prabhakaramurthy, Kasthuri Homoeopathy Clinic, Vijayawada. Phone:09848110696


Powder packs
Dr.Shiraz M.I.K.

    I medicate the globules with medicines in phials and put few pills with sugar of milk in butter pape. Pack it and dispense them to the patients. I use rarely the phials with globules to meet my urgent requirements like acute cases.


Dr.Shiraz M iIsmail Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum,Kerala Phone: 93878-128486



Powder packs


  I use LM potencies , dispensed in a bottle with globules. Usually I distribute with sugar of milk with prescribed medicines in pockets. It is more convienient to the patients and also ensure quality in dispensing since a glass bottle may break, a plastic phial may interact with medicines.

Dr.Pandey.V.K., D-59/378,A-K,Jaiprakash Nagar,Shivpurva Varanasi, Uttar pradesh Mobile:09415626403


Powder packs and Phials
Dr.Radha Krishnan.S

   I use milk of sugar with globules for chronic cases who do not need frequent repetition and globules in phials for the frequent usage like fever and other acute conditions. I also use it as placebo follow up in chronic cases.


Dr.Radha Krishnan.S, Kruthika Illam,Behind F2 Police Station, New Ellis Nagar, Madurai, 625010. Mobile: 9443460541