Mar 2011|Vol 8|Issue 3

A Case of Allergic Dermatitis



Dr.A.Ravindra Babu is a leading senior physician, more dedicated for the development of Homoeopathic system of Medicine. He presented case studies in journals with evidence based documents. He can be contacted at Nalini Homoeo Clinic, Main Road, BOATH, Dist.Adilabad. Mobile: 9440549208.


     A boy aged 16 years came with the complaints of cracks in the feet since 4 years.He presented with the following symptoms

·Has severe burning and itching in the feet.
·Itching is more at night and in cold weather.
·Has oozing from both the feet.

Past History
· History of cold and cough at frequent intervals.
· Had been vaccinated for all communicable diseases.

Family History
· History of Sexually transmitted disease in the family.

Physical Generals
· Appetite - Normal
· Thirst - Normal
· Stool - Regular
· Urine - Regular
· Sweat - Normal
· Sleep – Disturbed due to itching at night.
· Thermal- Chilly Patient.

Mental Generals
· Angry at trifles
· Sad and does not want to talk to anybody

First Prescription                                     06-06-2010
        Mezerium 200 1 Dose
        Placebo for 15 days

Follow Up 1                                     25-06-2010
Has itching with oozing and burning in the feet
           Placebo for 1 Month.

Follow Up 2                                     26-07-2010  
Patient feels well.Has severe itching < at night.
Complaints of sneezing.
         Placebo for 1 Month

Follow Up 3                                     10-09-2010
Patient has no complaints, no itching and feels better. He was to advised to stop the medicines.

(Refer the photographs taken before and after treatment)

        My understanding in this case is leathery pattern of lesions with oozing indicated the remedy Mezerium and the effects of vaccination also considered for prescription. Many case of skin diseases respond well to the dynamic expression as outward manifestation.