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March 2012|Volume 9|Issue 3
Mar 2012|Vol 9|Iss 3


Dr. M.S.Murgod

       Dr.M.S.Murgod is a very well known Homoeopath and teacher of Karnataka. Former principal of Shiva Basavajyothi Homoeopathic Medical College, Belgaum. He is quiet appreciated by all for his simplicity and wisdom. He is a dedicated teacher and always wishes to share his knowledge. His sincere teachings are evergreen in the memory of his students. His interest in surgery therapeutics drived him to author the Text book on Surgery and Therapeutics. He is a known speaker and he had presented many papers in scientific seminars.

      He served as member in the Board of studies in Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and also served as Medical Inspector of Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi. He has been an LIC Member for Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru. He is now presently serving as a Professor and Post graduate teacher at A.M.Shaikh Homoeopathic Medical College.

      Dr.M.S.Murgod born on 6th August 1949 at Mahalingapura, completed his schooling in the same place, had his medical studies at, A.M.Shaikh Homoeopathic Medical College. He got married to Bharathi, lives with three Children. His son Dr. Shrishail is a Postgraduate in Homoeopathy, continues to teach as reader . His eldest daughter got married and the youngest doing degree in computer science

      Dr. M.S.Murgod interested in social works. He participated in many free medical camps and his service is memorable in recent outburst of epidemics.

He can be contacted at

Dr. M.S.Murgod M.D (hom)
Laxmi Kirupa
Kalaeeswarar Colony ,Belgaum
Karnataka 590001
Mobile: 9008065515

- Dr. K.Savitha