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A case of Uterine fibroid

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        All pathological vegetations, cases with irreversible pathology are amenable to dynamic application, quite effective by miasmatic approach, which also shortens the duration. Here we present a case treated by Dr.R.Gnanasambandam, Director, AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Centre,Chennai.

        A female-aged 33 years, who is longing for a child since 10 years consulted me and presented the investigations confirming a large fibroid. Her husband’s seminal analysis was normal. Even though surgery was insisted, they were not preferred, as it would complicate conception.

        She attained her menarche at the age of thirteenth year. Onwards she had regular periods with four days duration at the interval of 28-35 days. She had experienced pain sometimes before onset. After marriage, she underwent regular check up and the ultra sonogram revealed fibroid.

        The space-occupying lesion had not give any associated symptoms like, pain, profuse bleeding or pressure symptoms on bladder or rectum. She experienced some dragging sensation and abdomen became bellious which made others putting a question. “Are you pregnant now?”

        Her past history revealed frequent fever with cold and she suffered from nasal polyps. Had chickenpox at the age of ten, had minor injuries treated with topical application. Had received vaccination for all communicable diseases. Her family history revealed Diabetes Mellitus. Her maternal grand mother had breast tumours and her cousin uterine tumour. Paternal grandfather had some tumour at the back of his shoulder. Her treatment history revealed many consultations and treatment from modern and other alternative systems of medicine.

Physical Generals

  • Complexion – Fair
  • Stature - Normal
  • Frame - Medium
  • Appetite - Normal
  • Thirst - Normal
  • Stool - Normal
  • Urine - Normal
  • Sweat – profuse all over; during sleep
  • Sleep – Normal, disturbed sometimes, when thinking on illness
  • Dreams – Dreams of daily events
  • Food Type - Vegetarian
Desires for sweets; aversion to oily food; Habits of tea and coffee

Menstrual History

        Menarche at the age of 13th year. Periods are irregular, flow for 1-3 to 7-10 days, 30 to 45 days interval, profuse, dark red. Pain mild during menstruation. Headache is also present.

Mental Generals

        She is very attentive and very quick in perceptions, sensitive and emotional, anxious broods over her illness. Fear and anxiety on her illness at times derive her depression. Now her attitude has changed towards loathing on life.

        Few incidents revealed her suspicious and jealous mind and her husband was not bothered about children, but concerned only of his wife’s complaint “Fibroid” and also suspected malignancy since her ancestors had carcinoma.

        General examination was normal and systemic examination revealed palpable mass per abdomen. Blood parameters were with in limits and the imaging studies revealed large fibroid uterus.

        The Ultra sonogram dated 28thFeb 2004 revealed (Refer Plate I)
The Uterus appeared 22 to 25 weeks in size, giving impression by the Radiologist as "Uterus Enlarged as Above due to Fibroid"

        Ultra Sonogram, which was taken again to reconfirm on 29th March 2004, studies as follows (Refer Plate II)
Uterus corpus is replaced by Hypoechoic solid mass, giving impression by Radiologist as" Large corpus uterine and upper art of cervix
Uterine fibroid". It Measures 18X 14.8 X 12 CMS

· Diagnosis of the Disease -Fibroid Uterus
· Diagnosis of the Miasm - Sycotic
· Suscceptablity - Low

First prescription 24/10/04


Thuja 1M /OD /Three days on empty stomach everyday morning Followed with Placebo for a month

Follow ups

Ultra Sonogram, which was taken again to reconfirm on 10th April 2005, studies as follows (Refer Plate IV)

Impression: Normal Study The Uterus Measures normal in size, shape, ….No fibroids seen


        The patient is in strong sycotic miasmatic background, calling an Anti sycotic Remedy. Initially the patient is in psoric state and gradually shifted to sycotic state establishing physical and mental symptoms. Thuja was indicated on symptom similarity and "surface Miasm"