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A case of Psoriasis

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   Psoriasis is a challenging disease to the Medical fraternity. Many case of psoriasis responds well to Similimum. In some cases, which undergo deep pathological changes, would hesitate a physician to handle the cases. We hope this case will give confidence to treat such cases. This brief case synopsis is presented from case records of AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Center compiled by Dr. Jessy Morkose

A case of Psoriasis
A fifty-five year old male presented scaling and peeling of skin all over the body since 23 years. The lesions started initially at the both elbow regions and gradually scattered over the other parts. The lesions are more pronounced at face, back, chest, abdomen, thighs and legs.

The skin lesions are dry, scaly, rough in parched at some places, which reflected Arsenicum Album skin. In some places with much induration at the base of the lesions with redness, small pustular vesicles and the border is surrounded with urticarial rashes resembling Rhus tox skin. The dry, rough, cracked leathery lesion with redness and bleeding spots in the sacral area similared the Petroleum skin. Itching and burning in the more indurated parts < uncovering and after bath. Burning epigastrium < morning and night.

His associated complaint is knee pain which was worse on movements and cold applications. He was diagnosed as psoriasis patient and treated with modern medicine and topical applications. Recurrence guided him to find alternative therapy. He had tendency to catch cold easily. He is hale and healthy and had chickenpox when he was ten years old.

No familial diathesis for skin disorders and allergic manifestation. His father is Diabetic and mother is hypertensive. His paternal father had Coronary artery Disease and passed away following myocardial infarction.

He is neat and clean, employed in a reputed multination firm, discharges his duties with full satisfaction and perfection. Married, has two children and with a happy home. The skin ailment makes him embarrased in public gatherings and worried sometimes. No habits. Sweats all over the body. No-specific desire for food. Sleeps well. Dreams on daily events.

He is under treatment since 2001 and monthly follow up without any interruption. The first prescription was made on Arsenicum 1M followed with placebo on basis of pathological vegetation and also the trio miasmatic manifestations. After six months the lesions all over the body showed excellent improvement except the sacral region. The lesions are dry, rough cracked and with bleeding spots called Petroleum for second prescription and 200th potency at monthly interval. The lesions gradually lost its integrity and came to normal skin now.








The sequence of photographs taken during treatment is given here and also printed at the back wrapper as Plate - I, to Plate - IV.

The basic cellular pathology initially suffered with psoric manifestations and in some areas they presented sycotic manifestations and syphilitic sometimes. The selected remedy even though it covers all the miasms which responded poorly seeking for another miasmatic remedy for rapid cure. Even though the second prescription showed improvement very rapidly the completion needs administration of psoric drug and the present totality is once again calling the first prescription

His acute complaints cold and urticarial rashes were managed with short prescription Rhus Tox 6 which is complementary to Arsenicum Album.