Barbara Seideneck

      Barbara Seideneck is the founder and director of the Homeopathy School of Colorado. Barbara is a certified physician and has been teaching since 1994. She born at war-torn Hamburg, Germany. Barbara Seideneck grew up with the wish to alleviate human suffering and to live in the beauty of nature. Barbara now lives and practices Homeopathy in Boulder, CO, situated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The School offers a two-year certification and an additional one-year clinical supervision program.

       In her early teens Barbara audited philosophy and psychology lectures at the University of Hamburg. In her twenties she studied Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga and a number of nutritional methods. She holds certifications in many hands-on healing techniques including: Neuromuscular therapy, myofascial alignment, reflex therapy, chinese meridian work, massage and body centered awareness. The international foundation of homeopathy in seattle, and the national center for homeopathy.

      Her early formal studies in Homeopathy were with the Bay Area Group, Julian Winston signed her NCH advanced certificate in 1991 and drew in a “bonus flower.” Barbara was certified by the council for homeopathic certification in 1997.

      She has studied with many homeopaths from around the world and feels that her work is mostly influenced by Miranda Castro, Vassilis Ghegas, Paul Herscu, Vicky Menear, Nick Nossaman, Richard Pitt, Anne Schadde and Edward Whitmont.

      Barbara has conducted provings of:
      · Amethyst
      · Aquilegia Vulgaris
      · Ayahuasca (Magic Vine) - unpublished
      · Emerald - unpublished

      She can be contacted at
      RHomeopathy School of Colorado, P.O. Box 20340
      Boulder, CO 80308-3340 USA
      Tel. : 303-440-3717

- Dr. Jessy Markose, BHMS