A case of Tinea Manuum

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       Dr. A. R. Tagore is a renowned clinician in chennai city, he practices more than 16 years. His articles had been published in many scientific journals. His study always with evidence based documents. Here he present a case of Tinea Manuum.

    A male aged 38 years presented complaints of vesicular, humid and desquamating eruptions on palms since twelve years. He had severe itching and it was better with topical application of steroid ointments and recurred again and again dermatologist suggested that as Tinea manuum. He is under treatment for Diabetes Mellitus since six months under conventional treatment. His complaints were intensified in winter and whenever he was stressed. His complaints gave him embarrassment to perform his duties and developed aversion to work. Itching < morning afternoon and when thinking off, > hot water

    Past history :
    He was jaundiced four times and underwent fistulectomy in 1993. In 2006 he had a spinal surgery, disc lesions.

    Family history:
    · Father: eczematous eruptions.
    · Mother: chronic bronchitis.

    Physical generals:
    · Appetite: Normal
    · Thirst: Moderate. (2lts)
    · Perspiration: Profuse on face
    · Sleep: Sleeplessness
    · Bowels : Regular
    · Desire for cold air
    · Vegetarian
    · Food: Nothing particular desires and aversions
    · Habits: Addicted to cannabis indica up to 1999.

    Mental generals:

    · Sad.
    · Fear of future.
    · Aversion to occupation.
    · Dreams: Removal of lower part of body.
    · Dependent (Clinging)
    · Weeping unknown reason.


    First prescription           31 – 1 – 08
    · Sepia 30 3d
    · Along with placebo for one month.

    Follow Up: 1                     28 – 2 – 08
    Patient came after a month with great relief. Within a month he completely relieved from the complaints. Now the patient wants to go to job.

    All of we know about the story of Sepia, how Hahnemann introduced in our Materia Medica through Dr. E. A. Farrington. It belongs to the molluscan group animal. It is a well known Antipsoric remedy and it produces vesicular, humid, raw and scaly eruptions with itching and is an antidote to Rhustox poisoning. Based on mental symptom aversion to occupation along with skin complaint, I selected sepia. Sepia also acts well in men, indeed we think mostly in women. .