May 2010|Vol 7|Issue 5

May 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 5

World Homoeopathic Day


    World Homoeopathic Day...the 10th April is being celebrated around the world to commemorate the birth anniversary celebration of father of Homoeopathy
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Now the 255th birth anniversary also remembered as Homoeopathy Awareness Week in some countries

Homoeopathy has its own merits in offering health care to the public in several Diseases, despite of marvelous effects; professional jealous and other dyscrasias seek scientific evidence. The system faces enormous hurdles since its existence.

Homoeopathy holds the theory of Dynamism which can not be demonstrated by scientific parameters. The action is well experienced by many patients when they lost their hope with other systems of Medicine.

The modern era seeks scientificity, so we are more indulged to invite evidence based case studies which could inspire the wonderful art of healing. Even though our system is based of symptom similarity, we ought to undergo necessary investigations, imaging studies for the prognostic purpose and reciprocally astound the world with amazing results

On this special day, every body should pledge to contribute some evidence based case studies, which could inspire others with your experience and enlight the budding homoeopaths to render great service to homoeopathy in future.

Homoeo Times welcomes all well wishers to join this wonderful forum of real enjoyment .

with regards
Dr. R.Gnanasambandam.