May 2010|Vol 7|Issue 5

May 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 5


A case of Varicocele with Oligospermia


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       Homoeopathy renders great service in infertility treatment. Many patients with variococle, which has consequent effect on varicocele has improved drastically with dynamic, similar medicines. Dr.R.Gnanasambandam has successfully treated many cases of varicocele. Here we give a case treated by him with evidence based studies.

    A male aged 39 years consulted me for low sperm count . He was wedded two years back, the fact was revealed only when the couple underwent routine check up. Coitus once in a week and loss of libido sometimes. Had dragging pain in the both sides of the scrotum < long standing, exertion > sleeping ,Lying down
    He is a driver by profession ,dark complexioned , tall and robust . He additionally had dyspeptic symptoms like belching, regurgitation, pyrosis, flatulence which were the sequelae of irregular food habits and out side food.

    Past History

    Had frequent cold and cough, pain abdomen , frequent urinary complaints, no history of exposure

    Family History
    Paternal grand father with diabetes

    Physical Generals
    Appetite - Normal
    Thirst - Normal
    Stool - Constipated occasionally
    Urine - Normal
    Sweat - Normal
    Sleep - Normal
    Dreams - Nothing particular
    Food Type - Vegetarian
    Has the habits of tea, coffee, No smoking, Not an alcoholic


    Mental Generals
    Mental, intellectual state of mind is irritable, anxious, very sensitive and emotional, easily depressed , worried about his complaints
    General examination
    B.P - 130/89 mm of Hg
    Pulse - 75/minute
    CVS and RS – NAD

    Local Examination
    The scrotum moderately pendulous, tortuosity on right side . Palpation revealed thickening around the vas deference

    Seminal count was 15 millions/ml
    Refer the plate I
    I suggested the patient to undergo a Doppler study of the testes and its appendages, which revealed Bilateral varicocele
    Refer the plate II

    First prescription 29-8-2008
    Nux Vomica IM o.d ,tds on empty stomach
    Placebo for 15 days.

    Follow Up

    Discontinued, His wife might have conceived

    The symptom similarity matched Nux vomica , but failed to improve the sperm count . Lycopodium which was prescribed on organ affinity wonderfully and dynamically improved the count, increased the libido which was prime aim of the treatment. Haemamelis Q which was prescribed to accelerate and complement the action and didn’t affect the dynamic action of Lycopodium