May 2010|Vol 7|Issue 5

May 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 5


A Case of Hepatitis B


Dr. Shreepad Hegde M.D. (hom)
Professor, GHMC & Hospital
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       Dr. Shreepad Hegde is a leading, enthusiastic academician and clinician having good experience in the dynamic field. He is a Professor and renders his service at Government Homoeopathic Medical College, and Hospital Bangalore. He had presented scientific papers in CME, State and National seminars and also authored many articles.

    A female patient aged 49 yrs came with the complaints of severe jaundice, yellowish discoloration of the skin, and eyes for 2 months. Severe itching all over the body for 2 months. High colored urine for 2 months. Patient was diagnosed to have viral hepatitis B, HbsAg +ve, admitted and treated for 2 weeks without much benefit.

    On Examination:
    Patient is lean, tall women, with severe scratching, and cutting marks on the arms, abdomen, thigh, back; due to severe itching and burning. Skin is dry deep yellow, shriveled, conjunctiva golden yellow, nails are deep yellow.

    Patient as a person
    Appetite : Reduced
    Thirst : for cold water
    Desires : for spicy and salty things
    Aversion : Nil
    Thermal : Hot patient, wants open air and fan
    Stool : Constipation with bad odour, once in 2 days
    Urine : High coloured, yellow, scanty, sometime burns
    Skin : Deep Yellow, with rough, dry, over sensitive

    Mental Generals :
    Patient was restless, fear of disease, of death, easily exited, aversion to talk

    Physical Generals:
    Pulse : 78/min, regular
    B.P : 110/72 mm of Hg
    R.R : 18/min
    Weight : 52 Kg
    Temperature : Normal
    Menstrual history : Regular cycles
    OBG history : 2 Children F T N.D
    Past history : NAD
    Family history : NAD

    Treatment history :
    Took Ayurvedic and Allopathic medicines without much benefit
    Systemic Examination
    Abdomen : Distended, tender at left hypochondriac region, some mass palpable. No ascites.

    Investigations :
    Reports attached.
    L.F.T done
    Elisa for Hepatitis B Surface antigen positive
    Scanning suggests Situs Inversus with dextrocardia.
    Nosological Diagnosis:
    Viral Hepatitis B
    Miasmatic Diagnosis :
    Psora sycotic
    Remedial Diagnosis :
    Acute : Chelidonium
    Constitutional : Phosphorus

    Repertorial Analysis :
    Following symptoms are taken for evaluation and repertorization.


    Yellowish, high coloured urine

    Yellowish skin and eyes

    Dry, itching, burning skin

    Restless, oversensitive

    Fear of disease and death

    Thirst for cold water

    Liver inflammation and enlargement

    Distended abdomen

    Constipation hard offensive stool

    Lean tall women

    Weakness exhaustive feeling

    Hot patient ,wants open air and fan

    Desire for spicy and salty things

    Appetite reduced

    First Prescription             28-10-2009
    Phosphorus 200 T.D.S for 2 days followed by Chelidonium Q 10 drops b.d. in water for 5 days Advised Proper diet and other regimens accordingly.


    Discontinued, His wife might have conceived

    The symptom similarity matched Nux vomica , but failed to improve the sperm count . Lycopodium which was prescribed on organ affinity wonderfully and dynamically improved the count, increased the libido which was prime aim of the treatment. Haemamelis Q which was prescribed to accelerate and complement the action and didn’t affect the dynamic action of Lycopodium