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May 2010|Vol 7|Issue 5

May 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 5

...Fistula in ano


   ...most of the cases of Fistula in ano, I used to give PAEONIA in higher potencies such as 1M and above. If the patient suffers from Fistula in ano with itching of anus and frequent loose stools (as a Concomitant) it gives me a very good result.


Silicia ... Fistula in Ano
Dr.Smita M.Betgeri

  An old man aged 72years consulted me for fistula in Ano .He had prolonged constipation which requires great straining. His stool was dry and foul smelling like a cadaver and had ineffectual desire after a stool. My presctription Silicea 200 healed his fistula and the foul smeling discharges also stopped. Within a period of six months.


Dr.Smita M.Betgeri, BHMS, Shri Ashirwad Homoeopathic Clinic, Azam Nagar, Cross Belgaum.


Dr.MD. Rafikul Alam
Silicea... a great medicine


   A male patient age 37 years was suffering from fistula in ano since 11 years. His sufferings were recurrent abscess in the anus, Constipation, headache after cold exposure and easily catch cold. Obviously, Silicea is indicated .I prescribed “Silicea 1 M, 3 Doses” and followed by Placebo for one month. After one month the patient was much improved.Placebo, only given for next one month. Since then he was completely cured and till now he is leading a normal life under my observation

Dr.MD. Rafikul Alam, BHMS, Vill & P.O. Kutub Sahar (Pandua) West Bengal 732102. Mobile: 9733079501


Similimum in fistula in ano
Dr.L.K. Tantuway

    Paeonia is a very good medicine for fistula in ano and external Haemorrhoids ,It works nicely with 30C. Nux Vomica and Sulphur are the very common polycreast that required for perineal complaints. Ratanhia also a good medicine for the fistula in ano. Local application of calendula Q gives palliation and reduce intensity of the symptoms


Dr.L.K.Tantuway .BHMS,Machargai Sagar,Madhya Pradesh, Pin: 470002. Mobile: 9993670485