A case of Mental Retardation

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Dr.Jawahar Shah is an academician, educationalist and technologist. He is well known to every body for his wonderful development of a Homoeopathic software “Hompath”. He has more than 20 years practice and closely associated with many pioneer institutions. He had traveled all over the world and has given lectures on various subjects.

Child 14 months old, Master Sunder, was brought to me for delayed development.
The main complaints were of poor weight gain [5.5 kg]. Mentadevelopment was very slow and there was no teething / talking.
When I saw the patient for the first time, he looked like a baby monkey. His face, expressions and movements were like that of a smalbaby monkey. He had plenty of hair alover his body +10. He had bushy eyebrows, long eyelashes, a smalnose and thin drawn up legs - features evident of Hirsutism ++.

Life situation:
The child’s mother had a lot of tensions and worries during the pregnancy of this child. The reason being that the mother came from a community where a girhas to be given a heavy dowry, and so the mother of this child wanted a male child. She would always be worried whether she would get a boy or gir. Her sleep was disturbed 3+ and she had severe complaints of acidity 3+ and vomiting 3+ during this period. She would often get up worried at night and would dream that someone was harming her. She felt neglected during pregnancy as there was not much of co-operation from her husband.

(In the past, she had got an amniocentesis done and went in for an abortion as it was a female child)

Personahistory :
Appetite             - Less
Craving              - Sweets +3
Aversion             - NiBowe- Constipated, passes stooevery alternate day. Feels better after burping; otherwise vomits.
Sweat                 - +++ fan is must, likes air conditioning
Urine                  - NiSleep - Gets up with a startle; when patted goes back to sleep.
Thermamodality  - Hot
Bath                   - Tepid
Cover                 - Aversion
Weather              - Comfortable in winter

Past history :
Birth weight 2.2 Kg.
P/H/O. Bronchitis, cold, cough, constipation frequently
Cleft palate - operated 3 months back.
Tongue tie - operated

Family history :
Mother - Cold++
MGF - Diabetes

O/E Flat head, fontanelles open
Hair +10- face, back and alover body, Eyebrows bushy
Undescended testes ++ bilateral

Diagnosis of this syndrome in the case of Sunder was based on following criteria :
1. Low birth weight
2. Faciafeatures – like that of monkey, smalhead, hair growth, eye brows bushy etc.
3. Hirsutism
4. Undescended testicles
5. Congenitaanomalies – cleft lip and palate
6. Language delay
7. Growth retardation, no teething, etc.
8. Behaviouraproblems
9. Poor sleep and appetite
10. Mentaretardation

CongenitaAnomalies, Microcephaly. Cornelia De Lange Syndrome.


First prescription 1-6-93

Rx Med (30) 3P N SpilTDS

Follow up 1    7-6-93

PlayfuActive +
Follows objects & movements
Makes an attempt to get up.
Remedy Ct al* 7 days

Follow up 2    14-6-93

Recognizes smalobjects like mango etc. Activity >>
Remedy Ct al* 7 days

Follow up 3    21-6-93

Tooth eruption ++
Remedy Ct al* 7 days

Follow up 4    30-6-93

Turns, recognizes +5 Active or rolls++
Wants to go out Smiles When taken out and brought back, sees home and starts crying Recognizes and shows finger to go out Extra hair has started falling Remedy SPN 3 /week S1-1 for 3 months

Follow up 5    11-11-93
Improvement +++ Can recognize people / objects, mixes around with everyone. Can do many things on his own. Remedy Ctal.

Follow up 6    12-12-94
Improvement continues Hair fal+5 Can recognize more objects Differentiates taste Remedy Ct al.

Follow up 7    21-04-2001
Patient is alive tillast known with considerable improvement in overalperformance mentally and physically. Patient is 9 yrs old, weight of child is 12 kg, and mentaage is of four and a half years
Following improvement is observed in the child :

  • Can understand instructions in three languages English, Gujarati and Hindi.
  • Understands commands welRecognizes voices of family, friends and makes an attempt to speak on phone
  • Can hold penciand scribble
  • Makes signals and gestures for whatever he wants
  • Likes to keep things in order
  • Sensitive and moody in nature
  • Loves to mix with older people
  • Has developed a good coordination between picture and words.
  • Sleeps welLoves to listen to music
  • Can play with beats and rhythms
  • Can play with others
  • Desire to trave, to go out, meet people
  • Shows way out of the house
  • Recognizes good clothes and appreciates with positive gestures
  • Loves cold drinks, Mac Donald’s food, drags, insists mother to give such food.
  • Whenever there is a pit, understands and moves accordingly.