Arthritis… Plan and treatment
Meera D

Dr.Madhu J.Agarwal, MD(Hom)
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    This article on Plan and treatment for arthritis is presented jointly by Dr Talat Javed, Professor and Head of the Department, Materia Medica Nagpur Homoeopathic Medical College and the readers Dr S.M Thakre and Dr Madhu Agarwal

     Arthritis is the disorder of the connective tissues. This is inflammatory in nature at onset and lasts for a maximum period of sufferings. At the later stage it becomes degenerative. On generalization it is found that the pain, stiffness and aggravation by damp cold environment are the major symptoms. From the seat of action, nature of disease and symptoms of the disease all the miasms are behind arthritis. On the basis of progress of disease we can conclude that they are sycosyphillitic in nature, and sycotic miasm is predominantly present behind this disease.

Nosodes in Arthritis
    No cure is possible without the intercurrent remedies. Nosodes and predominantly antimiasmatic remedies are used as intercurrent . In this count, Thuja and Medorrhinum becomes most important remedies in the way of cure. When the disease is advanced next important medicine are Merc sol and Syphillinum. When arthritis is in acute stage, recurrence and inflammatory reaction is very prominent where there is a role of Tuberculinum as an intercurrent.Let us discuss the role of nosode in the arthritis and their indications.

    It is a medicine for constitutional effects of maltreated and suppressed gonorrhoea, for the person suffering from gout and rheumatism. Muscular –articular pains, burning of the small joints and of backbone. Acute rheumatism aggravated by movement. Chronic rheumatism is better by movement. Burning pains of the vertebral coloum, hands and feet. Neuralgic type of pains coming and going suddenly. Worse in humid weather or before a storm. Subject hasty, amnesia of recent facts. Amelioration of all the symptoms by the seaside. Better by knee elbow position.

    Constant desire for movement. Aggravation of articular pains in standing position. Pain of the back and a sensation of wearing humid dresses. Sensation of being beaten in the bones, especially before storm. Unstable subject, changing places and changes the place of object. Mobility of symptoms.anxiety, emaciation, capricious appetite afraid of dogs. Aversion to meat, desires for cold milk, sweets and alcohol.

    Recurring attacks due to getting chilled or hot. Arthritis caused by damp weather and worse by damp climate. Hot, painful swelling of joints. Pain tearing in tendons, ligaments and fasciae. Lameness, stiffness, pain on first moving after rest or on getting up in the morning. Amelioration by walking or continued motion.
    Great restlessness, anxiety, apprehension.
    Tongue dry sore, red cracked, triangular red tip takes imprint of teeth.

Joints red swollen hot with stitches and tearing. Worse on slightest motion and relieved by moderate pressure and warmth. Irritable patient. Tongue dry, great thirst.

    Arthritis from getting cold and wet, due to living in damp basements or where there has been great difference in temperature within twenty four hours, in warm summer days followed by cold nights.
Arthritis due to suppression of perspiration.
Rheumatism alternates with Diarrhoea.

    Inflammation of joints with stinging and burning pains, which are worse in warm room and by warm applications and better by cold application and cold air. Parts look red and hot to touch. Oedema. Bag like puffy swelling under the eyes. No thirst.

    Specific in arthritis when the affections travel from downwards to upwards. Chilly and yet the pains are better by cold application. Worse by warm application.

    Shifting arthritis, during warm weather. Stiff joints more at night. Can’t bear to have it moved or touched. Oedematous swelling and coldness of legs and feet. Scanty dark coloured urine. There may be aversion to food, which smells as soon as served.

    Tearing pains, which wander from joints to joints with swelling of joints. Worse before or after a thunderstorm/cold or wet or unsettled weather. Better from warm wrapping. Cannot rest unless legs are crossed. Dread of a thunderstorm.

    Shifting pains, coming on at night, in a warm room and at rest. Better in open air, motion and warm application. Mild yielding disposition easily moved to tears.

    Violent sharp pain coming suddenly, which makes the patient crazy. The patient says he would prefer death or anything rather than the pains. Specific for pains with numbness.

    Rheumatic pains in shoulder, arms and hands. Growing pains. Immovable stiffness. Joints swollen, painful and intolerance of pressure. Can bear no heat in the affected parts. Better from cold bath and cold application. Unclean odor from the whole body. Arthritis with sore throat, tonsillitis etc.

    It is indicated in sharp shifting pains in all parts with soreness worse by motion. Pain with liver complaints.

    Calcarea carb, Lycopodium, Sulphur, Thuja, Kali-Iod, Kali-carb, Calcarea –Fluor, etc
    To be selected on the basis of Constitutional symptoms.