A case of adenoma of salivary gland

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    Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma, a research scholar, social worker, dedicated for the development of Homoeopathy. He has remained meritorious student, since his school time. He always secured distinctions in many subjects. He is successful in treating cancer patients and has also presented many incurable ailments with evidence-based documents. Here the author shares his experience with a case of carcinoma.

    A patient with Glandular swelling hard, in right side of neck since four months , consulted me . She was so weak. . She has flushes of heat from body and feverish , which is more on afternoon. Thirst is increased. She feels pain due to rigidity of neck and painful stiffness in cervical area. Appetite is decreased.
She had been treated for bronchial asthma in childhood. No familial diathesis of proliferative disorders and other hereditary diseases

Patient as a Person
Appearance              Moderate built
Skin                        Clean, normal complexion
Appetite                   Diminished
Cravings                  Salt +++, cold food
Aversion                  fat, because they agg.
Thirst                      Good for cold water.
Thermal                   Chilly
Menses                    Absent for two months
Her mental and        Mild, gentle, sad, caring about family
emotional state        is members

General Examination
Temperature            Subnormal
Pulse                       74 /Min.
Respiratory rate       13 /Min.
Blood pressure         120/80 mm Hg
Weight                     45 kg

Systemic examination

     Respiratory system          

     Cardiovascular system     S1- S2 Normally heard, no Murmurs

     Local examination            Large Swelling in right side of neck, at submandibular region. With tenderness and stiffness of neck.

Biopsy Submandibular growth           Pleomophic Adenoma
Dated 10-09-2005 at                        Salivary gland (Mixed Salivary
Dr. RML Mehrotra Pathology              Gland Tumor)
Centre, Lucknow

Provisional Diagnosis
Pleomorphic Adenoma Salivary Gland Right.

Constitutional Totality
Mentals                            Desire for company.
                                       Mild and gentle.
                                       Careful about family members+
                                       Weeping disposition < morning++
                                       consolation agg.
Desires                            Cold Food
                                       Cold water
                                       Desires open air
Aversion                           Fat
Food Aggravation              Fat
Physical Generals              Moderate body
                                       Cancerous affection of advanced stage.
Menses                            Absent for two months

Acute Totality

Pain due to rigidity of neck and painful stiffness in cervical area. Appetite is decreased.

Miasmatic Totality

Fundamental miasm      Syphilis

Dominant miasm            Psora+
                                       (Company desires, Careful, chilliness, Food aggravation, amenorrhea etc.)
                                       (Tissue Destruction, mild, gentle disposition)
                                       (Lymphadenopathy, salt desires, Inflammatory Changes, chilliness, moderate built etc.)

Case Analysis

After repertorization phosphorus was selected based on the totality of symptoms

First Prescription           20-09-2005

                Phosphorus 200 one dose
                Sac Lac TDS
Criteria   General symptoms matched.
               Mental and Physicals similar.

Follow up-1                    07-10-2005

           Pain with stiffness of neck little better.
           Little improvement.
           Sac Lac TDS

Follow Up-2                    02-11-2005

           Same condition, no further improvement
           Sulphur 1 M TDS
           Sac Lac TDS
           (Psora might be an obstacle).

Follow Up-3                    04-12-2005

Fourth Prescription

           Marked improvement.
           Sac Lac TDS
           Gland almost disappeared.
           Photographs on 20-09-2005

Photographs on 07-10-2005, Photographs on 04-12-2005