November 2009 | Vol 6 | Issue 11

November 2009 | Volume 6 | Issue 11


David Reilly, FRCP FFHom
      Dr.David Reilly is a doctor, educator and researcher working in the fields of human healing and creative change. He is a Consultant Physician, at The Centre for Integrative Care, Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Glasgow University, Visiting Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland; faculty member at Harvard Medical School, USA, and Scottish Lead Clinician for Integrative Care.
      He graduated from Glasgow University and completed conventional training as a Specialist in General Medicine and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in the U.K. He expanded his skills by exploring other approaches to homoeopathy.

     David Reilly is a doctor active in care, teaching, research and health care management. His main interest and skill is focusing on the creation of a therapeutic relationship and “therapeutic consultation”, especially with people who are struggling with difficult and complicated health issues.
He explores blending the art and science of medicine, and bridges aspects of orthodox and unorthodox approaches. He sees his medicine as an art form, as much as his personal writing and music making.

     Some of his publications “Is Homoeopathy a Placebo Response?” Is the Evidence for Homoeopathy Reproducible? Were published in lancet Journal. His article also published in British Homoeopathic Journal.

     He is currently developing the WEL Programme – Wellness Enhancement Learning for people with chronic illness, and working with others in public health and government on the issue of cultural influences on health. He directed a survey of Scotland’s GPs who voiced concerns on the failing state of holism in primary care

SHe may be reached at
Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital
1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 OXQ.
Tel: +44(0) 141-211-1621,Fax + 44 (0) 141 211 1631

- Dr.Jessy Markose