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November 2009 | Volume 6 | Issue 11

Gelsemium is a remedy for paralysis


Dr. Parul Singh Sengar B.H.M.S.,
Uttar Pradesh.

        Gelsemium as a excellent remedy for paralysis especially of motor nerves. It also known as King of polio, general prostration is also one of the most characteristic symptom of Gelsemium

    Eye Symptoms of Paralysis
    1. Diplopia occurs due to the paralysis of eye muscles
    2. Ptosis or paralysis of upper eye lids
    3. Pain in eyeball during eye movement
    4. Dimness of vision occurs due to the paralysis of eyes

    Throat Symptoms of Paralysis
    1. Paralysis of laryngeal muscles of larynx causes aphonia
    2. Voice comes out with lots of difficulties
    3. Difficulty in swallowing
    4. Swallowing causes pain from throat to ear

    Extremities Symptoms of Paralysis
    1. 3 ‘D’ ( Dullness, Dizziness, Drowsiness) are the key symptoms of Gelsemium
    2. Great prostration is another key symptom of Gelsemium
    3. Heaviness of the extremities and hands
    4. At the time of paralytic state there is aching along the spine and in the muscles of the back
    5. Aching under the left shoulder blade
    6. Loss of muscle controlling power
    7. Writers cramp can also be successfully treated by this wonderful drug
    8. The trembling and the paralysis symptoms specially noticed during high excitement and afterwords
    9. Paralysis after shocks or emotions can be betterly treated by this great drug.