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November 2009 | Vol 6 | Issue11

November 2009 | Volume 6 | Issue 11

Gelsemium sempervirens…Dynamics


Sandeep KR.Srivastava B.H.M.S. IIIrd Prof.,
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       Gelsemium is a polycrest remedy having a broad range of action. In crude form it is a spinal poison. It causes various degree of motor paralysis and produce symptoms resembling those of poliomyelitis. Hence called King of Polio.

     Doctrine of Signature
    According to Robin Murphy’s “Homoeopathic Remedy Guide”, seven planets can also provides us specific information regarding constitution and action of remedy on a particular organ or organ system.
    Planetary signature of Gelsemium
    Moon - brain and endocrine system
    Mercury - lungs and respiratory system
    Yellow colour of the flowers of gelsemium can be related to jaundice as there is
    Yellowish, white coating of tongue
    Yellowish colour of the stool
    Deep yellow leucorrhoea
    Moist yellow skin
    Yellow face and yellow saliva

    Appearance - More suited to young person and children, old people, anaemic girls
    Temperament - Hysterical and nervous
    Thermal reaction - Neither hot nor chilly
    Miasm - Psoric miasm
    Active Principles - Gelsemine puvarine
    Gelseminic acid

    Gelsemium is a powerful motor depressant producing paralysis of motility and depression of sensibility by acting on spinal cord and producing polio like symptoms.
    Gelsemium produces paralysis on eight special centers viz.-
    1. Cerebro spinal center- centric motor paralysis causing congestion
    2. Lungs- respiratory center paralysis, asphyxia
    3. Eyes- eye muscles paralysis causing ptosis, contracted pupil and diplopia
    4. Heart- paralysis, blood pressure lessened
    5. Temperature- lowered in diseases
    6. Male sexual organ- muscular paralysis, emissions, impotence
    7. Female sexual organ- motor spasm, paralysis, neuralgia
    8. Urinary organ- diuresis, sphincter paralysis, enuresis
    Pointers of remedy
    ‘D’ in the mental sphere : Dull, Drowsy, Delirium, Diplopia, Dimness (of vision) Dazed, Dread, Dampness, Depressing emotions ‘D’ in the physical sphere, Doddering (trembling) Depression (in vitality) Drooping (of eyelids) Dusky redness (of face).

    Heat of the sun or stove
    Mechanical injury
    Having hair cut
    Sudden emotions
    Falling barometer
    Self abuse
    Anticipation of any unusual ordeal

    Excitable, irritable, sensitive, for the nervous affections of the onanists of both sexes
    Bad effects from fright, fear, exciting news and sudden emotions
    Fear of falling, of ordeals, death
    Fear of doctors and dentists
    Apathy regarding his illness
    Nervous affection of cigarmakers
    Children fear of falling, grasp the crib or seize the nurse
    Languor, listless, “Discerning are lethargic”
    Head: Headache beginning in the cervical spine
    Sensation of band around the head above eyes
    Vertigo spreading from occiput
    Pain in the temples, extending to ear, alae of nose and chin

    Heavy drooping of eyelids, dim sighted, orbital neuralgia with contraction and twitching of muscles, hysterical amblyopic

    Hot, heavy, flushed, besotted looking, neuralgia of face, chin quivers

    Putrid taste and breath, tongue yellow coated, trembles, paralyzed

    Difficulty in swallowing epecially warm food
    Post- diphtheritic paralysis
    Tonsilitis, sensation of a lump in the throat
    Pain from the throat to the ear

    Acute catarrhal enteritis during damp weather
    Tenderness in right iliac region during typhus
    Gnawing pain in transverse colon

    Diarrhoea from emotional excitement, fright, bad news
    Cream coloured, tea-green, painless or involuntary
    Paralysis of anal sphincter

    Profuse, watery, clear with chilliness and tremulousness
    Partial paralysis of the bladder
    Flow intermittent, retention of urine
    Alternate dysuria and bedwetting

    Chilliness up and down the back
    Chill without thirst, chill especially along the spine
    Wave-like succession from sacrum to scrotum

    A feeling as if it were necessary to keep in motion or else heart’s action would cease
    Weak, slow pulse of old age

    Loss of power of muscular control, muscles refuse to obey the will
    Excessive trembling and weakness of all limbs
    Hard aching in the right humerus
    Writer’s cramp, wants hand in cold water

    Slow breathing with great prostration
    Dry cough with fluent coryza, spasm of the glottis

    Genitals cold, relaxed, spermatorrhoea without erection
    Profuse warm sweat on scrotum

    Rigid os, vaginismus, false labor, pain passing up the back
    Dysmenorrhoea with scanty flow, menses retarded, deep yellow leucorrhoea
    Prolapse or rectal pain after labor

    Measles, catarrhal symptoms
    Aids in bringing out eruptions

    Drowsiness with influenza, heavy stupid sleep, sleepiness of students
    Sleeplessness from mental excitement, thinking or tobacco

    Influenza with malaise, never well since influenza
    Nervous chills, wants to be held because he shakes so

    As if head were enlarged
    As if there were a tape around the head
    As if the skin were contracted in the middle of forehead
    As if lump in esophagus
    As if uterus squeezed by a hand
    As if he would die
    As if blood ceased to circulate
    As if a knife is thrust through from occiput
    As if eyes were jumping out of the head to forehead

    General modalities
    Aggravation- Summer, sun heat, tobacco smoking, cold, damp weather, at 10 a.m., sudden emotions.
    Amelioration- Open air, bending forward, stimulant, profuse urination, closing eyelids, continued motion

    Mother tincture of gelsimium is indicated in
    Deafness resulting from abuse of quinine
    Useful in paralysis affecting single group of muscle
    In post-diphtheritic paralysis
    In false labor pains