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November 2009 | Volume 6 | Issue 11

Gelsemium…great remedy of nerve


Miss.Greeshma K.S.
Student II B.H.M.S.
Nethra Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital
54 DPF Campus, MTP road
Coimbatore, Pin: 641029

        Tremor is the keynote of this remedy. It actions profoundly upon the motor nervous system. The paralysis is gradual in onset produces a general state of paresis, both in physical and mental aspect. Having nervous hysterical temperament (croc, Ign).

        First there is heaviness of all the limbs, then the red face sore throat with heaviness of extremities comes on gradually.

        Mind is absolutely sluggish, the whole body, particularly the muscular system is relaxed. It causes paralysis musculature respiratory system, 3rd and 6th cranial nerve.

        The limbs are so heavy and painful that the patient hardly move them.There is complete relaxation and prostration of the whole muscular system with entire motor paralysis. Confusion is highly marked by the lack of muscular coordination. Muscle refuses to obey the will.

        The paralytic weakness of limb is not so, muscular in co-ordination and he is apparently awkward. He is clumsy, awkward cannot even grasp an article due to disobedience of muscles, trembling, incordinates and paresis are more marked.Locomotor ataxia will occur.

        Paresis condition present in eyelids, causing ptosis and diplopia. In oesophagus, produce difficulty in swallowing. It is in the anus which remains relaxed and open. [Caust, Graph, Sepia].There is hysterical dysphagia or aphonia.

    Conditions of post diphtheritic paralysis
        Gelsemium is an invaluable remedy. In this case there is paretic condition of oesophagus and muscles of deglutition .So that when swallowing something. It goes up into the nose through which it comes out. Patient is dull, dizzy and drowsy. Tremor and trembling everywhere with no thirst.

        The paralytic condition is aggravated by damp weather, before thunder storm, mental emotion, excitement, bad news, when thinking of his ailments.

        Compare: Hyoscyamus Niger: Every muscles in the body twitches, from eye to toe without consciousness.
    Nuxvomica: Convulsions occur with consciousness, aggravation by anger, touch, moving.
    Ignatia: Constipation originated by paralysis
    Antidoted by: Coffea, digitalis, nux moschata
    Antidotes:Mag phos