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    Dr.Mayuri P. Sadhwani, Gujarat, has won the lucky draw for this month diagnostic quiz. She is awarded with a stethoscope and an appreciation certificate.

Runner- October 10


    Dr. Sergio Capriotti, Argentina, has been selected as lucky runner to receive an excellence certificate for this month diagnostic quiz.

Answers- September 10
Visual Quiz -  Arcus senilis
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Ovarian cyst

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Diagnostic Quiz



Mention the cranial nerve
involving this palsy



2.Radiological Quiz

    A 27 years old male patient presented cough with yellowish expectoration since two months. Later he had fever, chest pain and breathlessness. A plain X ray of chest PA view was advised and the skiagram is given here for your impression


    A pale, thin boy aged 9 years was brought in by his mother with the complaints of sore throat and chronic cough. He has pain on empty swallowing. He feels as if something lodged in the throat and able to swallow liquids only. He complaints of pain behind the ears. He is inattentive and poorly responds on interaction. On examination, his both tonsils enlarged and inflamed.

What is your simillimum?


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