November 2010|Vol 7|Issue 11

November 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 11


Homoeopathic Therapeutics for Swineflu


Dr.Sgathia Pratiksha Vijaybhai, Internee
Manhar society, Nana mava main road,
Rajkot, Gujarat.
Mobile: 9376641966

    Given in initial phase during intense aching and muscle soreness with weakness, constant chilliness, fever is less acute than aconite and cough is hard and painful, sneezing paroxysm with excoriating discharge.

    Flu with marked gastric symptoms and putrid stool, it is nearest specific in 30 potency.

    Eupatorium perfoliatum
    Soreness of larynx and URTI, hoarseness, cough with hurts head and chest bilious derangements, bodyache, coryza with thirst, drink causing vomiting, and break bone pains.

    Arsenic album
    It will cut short attack especially when there is copious excoriating discharge, prostration, paroxysmal coryza, periodicity, URTI, burning dryness, conjuctival involvement. Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) has recommended this remedy.

    Rhus tox
    Flu with severe aching in all bones, sneezing and coughing
    < evening with involuntary urination, tickling behind sternum, A/F damp, restlessness, depression, stupor, delirium, prostration.

    Sneezing and lachrymation on going into open air, swollen throat and pain < empty swallowing, sneezing which shakes whole body and gooseflesh chills creeping upwards, frontal headache with dry mouth without thirst, cough < lying down.
    Others are Arsenic iodum, Dulcamara, Bryonia, Allium cepa, Sticta pulmonalae, Ipecac, Veratrum album.