The WholeHealthNow website comprises about 2,000 pages, divided into five main categories. Homeopathy info focuses on introductory information for the layman. Homeopathy Info Pro serving the professional and formal student or researcher. One of the jewels here is the Homeopathy Timeline – an extensive history of our healing art that details the contributions of many key people, from the Founder through our contemporary “shining lights”.Homeopathy Software section features a detailed description of the software Radar and Encyclopedia Homeopathica.

Dhr Bookstore, the newest section is the DHR Bookstore, a “website within a website”. Not only are hundreds of titles available here, with more added every week, but also the information about each title is a valuable study asset in itself. The table of contents is presented for each book along with the author’s biography. About Whn, final section gives the company background and contact information.

 The site has an easy to use Information Architecture. An important global feature is the Events Calendar that lists key teaching seminars.

-Reviewed by Dr.A.Kannan MD (Hom), Trivandrum