A case of Alopecia ... Carboneum sulph

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Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma, a research scholar, and social worker is dedicated for the development of Homoeopathy. He has remained meritorious student since his school time. He always secured distinctions in many subjects. He is successful in treating cancer patients and also had presented many incurable ailments with evidence-based documents. Here the authour shares his experience of a case of carcinoma of Hard palate, which is responded successfully to his treatment.

A lady aged 46, consulted me for her sudden loss of hair in the frontal area. She was dark in complexion, having rigid musculature, shy and timid. She just nodded her head for my questions saying “Yes” or “No” She had foul breath. She prefered open air and her acute complaints got worse after breakfast and bathing. She was extremely sensitive to warm damp weather.
Case analysis-

1. MIND - ANSWERING - aversion to answer
2. MIND - ANSWERING - gestures; with
4. GENERALS - AIR - open air - amel.
5. GENERALS - BREAKFAST - after - agg.
7. GENERALS - WEATHER - warm weather - wet - agg.
8. MOUTH - ODOR (breath) - offensive
Potential differentiation
My remedy was Carbonium sulph based on the rare peculiar symptom “Answers in Gestures only”. also the modalities matched well with the remedy.

First prescription 28-01-2004

Carboneum sulph 1 M single dose.
Followed with Sac lac tds.

Follow up 1: 02-03-2004

Marked improvement. Hair developed. She was on Sac lac. Again


Follow up 2 : 28-04-2004

More improvement. Sac lac again put on See the photographs taken during the course of treatment.