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A Case of Cystic Swelling under the Tongue
Dr. Girish

Dr. T. Semparuthi M.D(hom)
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     Dr.T.Semparuthi is a leading practitioner, practices at the temple town Madurai Tamil Nadu, in the southern part of India. He had authoured many scientific articles and also presented scientific papers in seminars. He graduated from
Fr. Mullers Homoeopathic Medical College has his post graduation at Vinayaka missions Homoeopathy Medical College, Salem .

     A boy aged 8 years presented a swelling in the sublingual region since 6 months. No pain or irritation; Swelling started as a pin head size and increased gradually to the present size.He was advised excision of the swelling. Past History revealed recurrent cold and fever and had an attack of mumps at the age of 6.

     He was normally delivered and was first boy. He was healthy all along until the second sister was born 2 yrs back, whom he did not like. Probably feels he is not being cared enough even though parents say he was given equal importance. He is not interested in studies and his performance in school is getting worse. He gets upset when scolded and started a habit of biting nails since a year

     Appetite : Diminished: Thirstless; Desires: Fatty food, Sweets, ice cream ;Stool: Regular

Dr. Girish
Dr. Girish

Thermal: HOT;Perspiration: Sticky

MIND - BITING - nails

MIND - FEAR - dark, of

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - reproaches


GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - fat - desire

GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - ice cream - desire

GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - sweets - desire


My first Prescription was Medorrhinum 200 Single dose followed with sac Lac for 15 days. Third day he showed psoric response as fever and cold. Temperature was high, Placebo every three hours. Fifth day the fever stopped. Reported running nose after, gradually the cystic swelling disappeared with in three weeks duration The photographs taken before and after are published in visual corner

Refer the photographs published at visual coner