October 2009 | Vol 6 | Issue 10

October 2009 | Volume 6 | Issue 10


Alize Timmerman
      Alize is a great Homoeopath, a gifted teacher and an interested, attentive person. She values respect for and knowledge of Natural Sciences and joins this with deep understanding of the forces that make Homoeopathy work.
       Alize initially graduated as a research assistant in Biochemistry and has worked at Hospitals in Holland and Norway and at the Biology Department of the Unive rsity of Amsterdam where she was involved in research on the genetics of Petunia. In 1980 she graduated at the Academy of Naturopathy in Amsterdam with special emphasis on Homoeopathy. She had special training courses from George Vithoulkas and Vassilis Ghegas Sparring with her partner, who worked at that time as a professor of Education at the University of Amsterdam and later on became Principal of several Educational Institutes, sharpened her skills as a teacher.
       Alize founded the Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands in 1988. From the start the Institute attracted leading Homoeopaths to teach in Holland, so a long queue of colleagues was introduced to the Dutch Homoeopathic Sciene, class program including a one-year stage in the Homoeopathic Clinic in The Hague.
      In her seminars, for an extraordinary experience, stands the synthesis between Homoeopathic practice based upon Hahnemannian principles and the seminars are illustrated by video cases, not primarily showing success-stories, but emphasizing especially long-term treatments with ups and downs, detailed observations and analysis based upon perspectives from a variety of disciplines.

      Alize lives in The Hague, together with her husband and youngest daughter who is still at Grammar School. Her older daughter studies Medicine and Biology at Leiden University and her son studies Civil Engineering at Delft University and Economics at Rotterdam University.

She can be contacted at
Jan van Nassaustraat 111
2596 BS Den Haag
Telephone : +31 (0)70 3280862
Fax +31 (0)70 3242020


- Dr.Jessy Markose