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October 2009 | Vol 6 | Issue10

October 2009 | Volume 6 | Issue 10

A case of Vitiligo


Dr. R.Gnanasambandam, MD(hom)
No.6, Lloyds II Lane,
Chennai - 600 014.
Phone : 044 - 28113300


       This clinical study is from AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Center .A team head by Dr.R. Gnanasambandam treated this case and also undertake a elaborated study on the particular illness. Vitiligo is an incurable disease in which homoeopathy could do evidently in many cases. It is wonderful to prove that homoeopathy is highly efficacious and the minimum dose could result excellent cure. Even though the study is incomplete the inspiration would make everybody to treat such cases with great confidence and serving the community.

       A fifty seven years old male presented white discoloration all over the body since 5 years. Intially started on dorsum of the left leg , then scattered all over the body involving lips, face, scalp, fore arm, legs, thighs ,legs and back . The skin was depigmented about 95%. Initially he tried all systems of medicines and external applications and finaly opted homoeopathic treatment
    The lesions were trichromic involving total depigmentation partial and with clean edges with a line of desquamation. Additionally had cold and catarrh and dyspeptic symptoms like eructation, burning in the epigastrium< worse at night.

    Past History
    He had occasional fever and abdominal colic. He never had been hospitalized or no surgical intervention. History of honey bee bite few years back. Had vaccination for small pox and chicken pox.

    Family History
    Parents were Diabetic and Hypertensive. None from paternal and maternal side affected with pigmentary disorder. His maternal cousin had allergic bronchitis.


    Physical Generals
    Appetite - Normal
    Thirst - Normal
    Stature - Normal
    Stool - Occasional constipation
    Urine - Normal
    Sweat - Normal
    Sleep - Disturbed
    Non Vegetarian,Has the habits of tea, coffee and alcohol

    Mental Generals
    Mental, intellectual state of mind is very calm, keeps busy always. Depressed < night .Worries about his illness

    Disease Diagnosis
    The white discolouration with symmetrical distribution , nature of spots with trichromic presentation involving muco cutaneous junctions gives the simple diagnosis of Vitiligo. He is free from Heredity trait and the possible causes like Gastro Intestinal Disorders, worm infestation, impaired endocrine pathology are absent in this case. There is a history of insect bite in the past and also vaccination history for communicable diseases.

    Miasmatic Diagnosis
    The patient would have shown psoric manifestations after insect bite, later the state turned to sycotic and syphilitic state. Now the sycotic and syphilitic state is dominant in the patient and the lesions also progressing which can be interpreted by the trichromic nature of the skin patches

    Choice of the Remedy
    This patient presents mixed miasmatic expression. So the choice of the remedy could be a tri miasmatic remedy which would help the patient and expedite cure.The choice of the remedy based on totality and miasmatic interprestion was Arsenicum Album and the potency I M was planned based on the susceptibility of the patient

    First Prescription 20-2-2007

    · Ars Alb lm one dose followed with placebo for fifteen days Follow up


    …further follow ups once in a month and continuing
    Arsenicum Album is being continued every month interval for three days followed with placebo. The patient is improving with 1M potency and continuing .The photographs taken before and during has been given here for better appreciation . Refer the photos

    Vitiligo is one sided disease in which scarcity of symptoms always direct a physician to prescribe a drug on constitutionally, miasmatically or simply on totality of symptoms. It is very difficult to arouse accessory symptom for the second prescription. Miasmatic approach always been better by which presentation of uncommon symptoms could be expected. In this case Itching is a rare symptom in vitiligo. It gives correct path to elicit the dynamism with the same remedy same potency and proper repetition understanding the duration of action of a remedy. Clinically a miasmatic prescription do not call an intercurrent drug to expedite a cure.