October 2009 | Vol 6 | Issue 10

October 2009 | Volume 6 | Issue 10

Dr.Thamarai Selvan


   Veratrum Album is a valuable remedy for watery diarrhoea, the prime indication is cold sweat on the forehead. Cramps also observed in some patients. It is a best remedy for intermittent claudication. Many woman present painful cramps in the legs which is > pressure. Veratrum album is a good remedy for cramps like Cuprum met and Mag Phos.

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Amorous Saint
Dr. Anurudh Verma

    The Veratrum album is beneficial who pretends himself to be a saint but he is an imposter. Clinical findings of such interpretation will be beneficial to cure allied ailments. He has a delusion of direct communication with god. This is the one face of Veratrum patient. But he is not real saint because he has extra vagence habits and lair, who never speaks the truth. He prays, sings and performs other activity which is only aim for upholding his social position in the society. He is sullen indifference.


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Dr.Shreepad Hegde
Acute Gastro Enteritis


   Veratrum can be successfully used in children with vomiting and watery stools. Gastric disturbances, twitching of muscles and coldness of the body lead the remedy for prescription. We can observe cold sweats on the forehead.

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    I have used veratrum album in Vomiting with pain during menses. Coldness of the body ,fainting are the prime indications . Rapid sinking of the system proceeding to collapse often calls the drug. Many benefited with this drug and dysmenorrhoea also vanished.


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