Sep 2014|Volume 11|Issue 9
Sep 2014|Vol 11|Issue 9

Gazette publication of Medical Register

Dear Readers,
   A student after his graduation get registered in respective state council and central council of Homoeopathy, a certificate is issued with a permanent registration number. The state and Central council publish all the registered physicians’ in respective Government gazettes. The details of the physicians with Registration number published in Government gazettes are Medical Register. This publication empowers to attain all privileges of a physician.

     A registered doctor alone practice Homoeopathy system of Medicine and also enable him to hold posts in state or central Government. He can issue various Certificates to his patients as required by law.

     This medical Register is not revised published every year by many state council which reflects the Central council of Homoeopathy to figure update census of the physicians and the department of AYUSH to spend money on CCH elections. Many dual registrations, demised persons are listed in these Medical Registers. The Travancore Cochin council had come forward to update the Register in accordance to their act. The CCH also puts exhaustive energy in regularization.

     Homoeopathy system unlike the Modern system of Medicine experience based registration was given during developmental stage, but stopped almost in all states. Ultimately expectation has resulted mushrooming of quacks in every state, which is a challenge, defame to the community.

     Today the budding homoeopaths come out with great dreams are frustrated with our community problems. The young bloods are unable to chatter before the Quacks and indulged in some other non clinical careers which will not develop Homoeopathy. Everyone’s recognisation depends really on our growth popularity of our System. Hence primarily the councils should correct the basic amenities by publishing Medical Register every year.

     If these Government gazettes are available in district collectorates there will not be any harassment by the police in probing a homoeopath for a certificate. Hence it is important to insist publication of Medical Register every year

with regards