Sep 2014|Vol 11|Iss9

A Case of Filiform Wart


This case is presented here from the case record treated by Dr.R.Gnanasambandam, founder AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Centre. Homoeopathy do wonders in proliferative pathology, gives tremendous result on miasmatic understanding. The remedy based on its expression always gives immense results.He can be contacted at 6, Llyod's II Lane Royapettah, Chennai -600014


      A female child aged four years presented with warts in her eyelid and face since 6 months. A horny, hard, grayish growth found in the upper right eye, near medial canthus of the eye. Initially the growth appeared small gradually grown like a horn. (Refer plate I). Cauterization was advised by nearby physician. Parents opted homoeopathic treatment, scaring delegate organ

Additional complaints

Tendency to catch cold often.
Tonsillitis, opens mouth during sleep.
ENT surgeon suggested adenoid moderate swelling
Screams during sleep, wets bed occasionally

Family history

Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension -Paternal Grand Father
Father suffers from acute renal failure

Physical Generals

Stature - Normal
Complexion – Medium
Frame - Medium
Appetite - Normal
Thirst - Normal
Stool - Normal
Urine - Normal
Sweat – Normal
Body reaction - Normal
Sleep - Normal , Screams during
Food Type - Vegetarian
Desires- sweet

Mental Generals

Mental, intellectual state of mind is very calm, anxious

First prescription                     8.12.2013

Causticum lM tds /one day

Follow Up 1                    25.1.2013

No changes
Causticum lM tds /one day

Follow Up 2                              16.2.2013

Wart Disappeared (Refer plate II )
Cold, nose block, after rainy weather
Rhus Tox 6 BD for seven days
………. Continuing treatment for acute complaints


     The Antisycotic stage of Causticum had been expressed in her face as Verruca plana which helps to visualize the surface miasm in this case. Causticum had given quick relief to the patient. Thus the remedy based on miasmatic understanding of the condition gives the immense result. The patient receives acute care for her minor ailments