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 Acute Gastro Enteritis …an over view  Dr.V.Shanthini M.D Part-1
 Acute Gastroenteritis Dr. Dr. Disha Shrivastav CRRI
 AGE and indicated drugs Dr Sindhu BHMS
 Pathogenesis of Acute Gastroenteritis Dr. Mansi Mishra CRRI
 Acute Gastro Entireties and Homoeopathic Therapeutics Dr. Shweta Jha, M.D. Part 1
 Acute Gastroenteritis in different Repertories Dr. Ningappa Otti MD Part – 1
Acute Gastro Enteritis through the Repertory Of Nosodes & Sarcodes Prof.Dr.J.Senthilkumar,M.D (Hom)
Homoeopathic Repertorial approach Dr. Neha Z Makwana, MD(Hom)

 A Case of Acute Gastro Enteritis   Dr Ami H. Chandarana M.D(Hom) Part-1
 A case of Gastritis    Dr.Y.Uma Devi , MD PART II,
 A case of Plantar Psoriasis    Dr. Shrinidhi Hebbar G N
 A Case of Sialolithiasis   Dr.Shruthi Gaur MD (Hom)

 Dr Pradeepa Pushparaj BHMS  
 Dr.Subramanian.P, M.D(Hom)
 Dr R.Damaran MD(Hom)
 Dr S. Sundarapandiyaraj. MD(Hom)

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   Singhbhum Homoeopathic Medical College Jamshedpur    Jharkhand

     GHMC celebrated ''Sangamam 2020''    Tirumangalam
     Three Homoeopathy Quacks including Ex-IAF Arrested
     HC Madurai bars Electro Homoeopathy    Madurai

   Dr. Anusha Hemakumara      Dr.J.Nilaa

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  www.mohfw.gov.in      Dr.A.Divya

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